8 ways to make your competing experience unforgettable

As I’m sure most are aware, the South African WBFF happened this past weekend and may I just say that it was absolutely sensational! I’m still in absolute awe of how much enjoyment I got out of this year’s event. Thing is… I’ve already had the opportunity to compete three times, so why was this one in particular such a great experience for me? Why did I wake up the next day with such a sense of victory given that I did not walk away with a medal? Because we all want to walk away with the gold right? I mean that’s why we put our bodies through all this pressure, to prove we can win and be victorious, right? Wrong. I believe that no matter how well a show is run, if you as an athlete are not ready physically and mentally, you might have the worst experience, and I can say this because I’ve been there. The concept of winning and being victorious, to me, does not mean getting a gold or walking away with a trophy. The concept of winning is reaching your goal and waking up with the realisation that you just made your dream a reality. That is victory.


I have a few of my own ideas on how to create the best experience ever! From the first couple months of preparation right through to show day. My reason for sharing these secrets is because I used to compete with a different mindset – I was at a point where I was ready to give up on the industry, the stage, the glamour, the fitness, I even dreaded the thought of going to gym for a couple weeks after competing. You may not want to compete, you may want to do something a little different, whatever it is, it’s a goal and you have the power to manifest your dreams and make them a reality.


1. Get a Coach
If you are very serious about competing and you are willing and ready to invest all your time and money in the lifestyle, you need to get some extra bucks together and invest in somebody who believes in you. You need to be with a coach who you can relate to and who you respect. Somebody you look up to and want to represent. This is the person that can either make or break you so make sure you choose well.
2. Set Intention
I’m going to say this only because I’ve experienced this – You cannot only compete to get in shape. Do not make the mistake of making this your only goal, while it’s great to want to achieve that physically, there is so much more to the game than being physically fit. First off, you cannot maintain that look forever and this in itself is enough to make one fall apart. Compete to take things further, whether it’s a career move or to gain exposure within the industry. Setting your purpose for prep is imperative – why are you doing this? Be real and honest with yourself and make sure that whatever your purpose, let it be powerful, because that is the only thing that will get you through the tough days.
3. Set a Time Limit
It’s important to set a time limit for this goal, as in any goal. This will help keep you completely focused as you cannot do this all year round. I was able to remain focused because I had an end in sight. Knowing that there is an end to a goal makes it only more achievable.
4. Budget
Make sure you plan your budget – food (super important), gym membership, coach, show day goodies, all of it – plan your next few months the day you decide to compete. Sit down, get a notepad and start planning and then keep those notes safe so you can stick to them all the time. This will relieve you of more than half of your stress, which is extra stress that you just don’t need!
5. Stick to the Program
Do not cheat. To answer many questions out there (and I answered my own during this process), you can only cheat for so long until you reach a point where your body is telling you to stop. You need change, you need to stop cheating or treating once a week and you need to make a conscious decision to be honest with yourself and stop whatever bad things you are doing to your body. It is of course different for everyone, but what worked for me was having to quit the cheats for a few weeks at a time, which is something I have never done before, not even in previous competitions and I’m proud to say that it eventually went a lot deeper than satisfying my precious taste buds for a few seconds. This was something I needed to overcome as well – which is why “Set Intention” is such an important part of this process.
6. FEED the Soul
Besides from the intense training, I still made time for my yoga and meditation which is what I love! Make time for your, what I like to call, soul activity, because this is the activity that will get you through your bad days and make you feel like you can continue to the next day. It is the essence of your soul’s healing. Make sure it fuels your body, feeds your soul and transforms your mind. Happy soul means happy mind means happy body.
7. Personal Chef
There is just something awesome about eating someone else’s food! I love picking food off my boyfriend’s plate because it always just tastes better than mine, even when it’s the same meal. But my point exactly, get a loved one, friend, mom, dad to prep a meal or two for you on the weekend – they know better than anyone else what you have to eat and what your measurements are and how you like your meals. Let them surprise you with something new, clean and delicious. It kind of takes the pressure off cooking and prepping for a day and it somehow always tastes better! OR cook for them – prepare a meal on a friday or saturday night that is really clean but spend a little more time creating something special in the kitchen, put some music on and get cooking. This is such a stress reliever! Takes the boredom out of the constant cycle of prepping.
8. Be Prepared
Make sure that on show day you remember your intention and purpose for stepping on stage, get some time during the day to rekindle your intentions so that you can shine on that stage, because there is nothing more powerful than stepping on stage while your passion burns so brightly. It’s not a matter of achieving a medal or having the desire to win first place, it’s a powerful accomplishment to prove to yourself that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind and heart too. And in the process, you had ups and downs but you overcame it all and the day has finally arrived for you to showcase your final self. Enjoy the day and see what it has to offer with it, because it will always have something special to deliver, whether it’s on the day or a few months down the line, be open to anything and be prepared for the greatness that is about to happen.
In ending, I have to say that it was a tough journey. It was only possible and I was able to accomplish my goal only because of my purpose that I was so ready to achieve. It will always be a difficult journey, but what a beautiful journey it has been! You will want to give up, no matter what your goals. But you don’t, you don’t ever give up. Once you set your mind to NOT giving up, even if it’s just getting to the gym or getting through your next meal, sometimes that’s the hardest part. You are already there.
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your only limit is YOU

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