my very own 2 week ”change challenge” – how to create balance


Sorry that I’ve been so disconnected from my blog lately but I’m going to gladly blame it on all the change 😀

So much has been going on, so many exciting, beautiful (also very scary, overwhelming) things. I haven’t even had the chance to properly explain where I’m at with all this. That’s actually what this post is about… and a little more that I’m sure you might relate to. Hopefully you’ll also want to take on this sneaky challenge I’ve started to help enforce positive change in my daily routine.

Just 2 months ago I started a new job. Before I even got that call, I was looking for a career change, something that would challenge me, keep me on my feet and help me grow into a professional business woman 😀 . I had NO idea what I wanted to do, I was searching Google but could find nothing that was of interest to me and began driving my family, friends and boyfriend mad with all my ‘I need change!’ talk. During all this, I kept updating my CV and visualising having a new job, with great like-minded people, a high challenge kind of environment that was fast paced, intense and would always keep me busy. You know when you believe something so strongly that you can literally FEEL the truth of it in your bones? Well, after a few months of visualising and dreaming, I finally got a call from my ‘to be’ employer! And so all the excitement and hard work was about to begin!

Being me, the week I started my new job I wanted to be able to balance it all! The work, the gym, cooking, the eating, meditating, my yoga practice, writing and studying, the learning and soaking up all the new processes and systems of this new company. Obviously that only lasted a few days before I felt absolutely beat. I felt so overwhelmed, too busy and actually a bit lost. But even through all those intense feelings, not once did I doubt myself or question what I’d gotten myself into. Not once did I doubt my dreams, my visions and my goals. I have never written my career goals down, I’ve never actually put them on a vision board because I carry those ambitions deep inside my heart and soul, they are part of me and those ideas continue to shift on a regular basis. So because of this hunger and drive to always go after my dreams, I knew I needed to take serious action, because why not have the best of all worlds? (And yes worlds, plural, because I have a LOT of dreams and goals!)

During my ‘overwhelmed feeling’ phase, I had to sit back and re-analyse where I wanted to go. Did I want to fail at my new job but go to gym twice a day and put hours into my meal prep and everything else that I’ve always been so focused on? No, because clearly these things in the past never got me to where I truly wanted to be. Did I want to grow, move forward and achieve something that I’ve never been able to achieve yet, only ever dreamed of achieving? For sure! I was going to make this work, I knew that much, the next part was figuring out how.



Even though it’s a pretty simple concept, it came to me just after a divine session of meditating, like a clear cloud of clarity. I realised I was putting my every being into long working hours, I was clocking in a good 10 – 11 hours of work a day. Something I wasn’t used to and even though I was reaping the rewards in the career part of my life, there were other areas where I just did not feel satisfied. I’m not saying don’t work hard and long but there comes a time when you sort of come to a realisation that you just have no foundation of balance and that’s where things become blurred.

Where even after gym or yoga, I’d still go home and work more just because that was my main focus and I was getting so many results. The only reason I was so addicted to those results though was because my other life areas were seriously lacking. But with balance, change has to happen and all of these crazy events of life had to happen as they so perfectly did to get me where I need to be right now.


tree pose – while everything comes and goes, always keep your foundation stable and rooted

I realised that there were a few factors that were bringing me down. The biggest of course involved my current gym routine and I’m pretty sure it’s because of my past competitive behaviour. From the word go, the pressure was on to train hard, go at certain times, don’t think about it, just do. Walking into gym during peak time however, after a 10 hour work day, where the gym is over packed with people, noise and just this crazy energy is just not conducive to anyone’s wellbeing! The very last thing I needed was to be surrounded by these people after a crazy day. Gym is supposed to calm me, yet it seems to make me even more exhausted and tense. That’s also what yoga is for but I’m stuck between 2 sides. Being calm and able to wind down and then breaking a serious sweat by burning some calories and feeling pumped! I still love that, I still want that. But my feeling overwhelmed because of gym got to my head a little and this is what made me realise that I need a bit of motivation to spark some change.


that too!

In ending, as you can see, a lot has happened over the last few weeks. Trying to find my feet and gain some sort of insight as how to develop this balance. I’d say I’m pretty close. But to get me even closer, I’ve already started a 2 week Change Challenge which I’ve been needing for some time now but what really motivated me to get going was the latest Women’s Health Mag.


always about the hip 😉

I came across an a really good read called ‘Find Your Fit’, a challenge that a few of the WH team took on to enforce change. They each had to decide on a new activity and try it out for 2 weeks to see what the benefit of that particular activity would have on their body. Something new and different and something they would never have done before. I really liked this! Like really 😀

This is how i designed my Challenge – I’ll be practising a different type of exercise every day for the next 2 weeks. I’ll be tracking my progress, how I feel, what I did and what it required. The aim is to feel excited about my work outs, get motivated! And once I’m done, feel energised and proud that I’ve accomplished something new and different. Id like to try stay away from the hustle and bustle that comes with the weight section of the gym, just for now! I’m going to miss my sweet lifting, but I just know my body is about to love this new challenge I’ve got in store for it.

I’ll be posting about my progress throughout these next 2 weeks and hopefully I’ll find a style of training to suit my new lifestyle. The truth is – I LOVE working hard, I love working full days, feeling the excitement and being challenged. The challenge now, however, is to find a training routine to suit my inner business woman’s needs! 😉

My aim is to prove to myself and you that we should still be excited about working it. It should never get to a point where you dread going to gym after work, it should excite you! I got to that point for a reason though and now I’m writing about it, doing this challenge for myself and creating some balance in my life.

Where to begin 

What exercise? Where? When? At first I was lost! Had no idea what to search for until I came across the ‘Find your Fit’. It just clicked! Let me try everything but my regular training! Step classes, Shape, Booty and Ab classes, Pilates, Pole Dancing, Functional training, Crossfit… and anything else that comes along.

The idea is not to get stressed about training a certain body group on a specific day. Not getting uptight when I think I’ll be late because of work, not getting upset with myself for sleeping in instead of going to gym early because its friday (PS – I don’t like training on friday evenings). Things are changing and I am sharing my Change Challenge with you because I know that life can sometimes get overwhelming. But just know that whether its new job, a new competition, a new hobby, a new country: change is good! But creating balance is so vital to our overall wellbeing. These are exciting times – lets see what this new, yet simple change, has in store for me!

Day 1


Monday was my first day.

I’ll be honest, just the very idea of change has given me a new sense of motivation and drive – I’ve been so excited to start something new. I wasn’t stressing the entire day knowing I’ll be gyming later.

I went to my very first Shape class at Virgin Active. It was INSANE! An hour of high intensity cardio and weight training mixed up. Not only was I getting a good rise in heart rate, I felt strong and motivated! It was challenging, new and different. The truth is my body is strong, a lot stronger than I thought. I think when you eventually get to a certain level of training, your body is pretty much capable of doing anything.

My lesson for day one – my body needs a challenge. After a long day at work, I want to go to gym, let someone else take over and not have to think about anything (it helped that the instructor played the MOST awesome Hardstyle mix for the hour – couldn’t think of a single thing except how awesome it felt to just move my body and feel the burn!)


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