jozi’s top health cafes * natural health approved

I’ve always loved food. And now more than ever I love getting in the kitchen when I can to create my own recipes. The problem I’m having lately though is sadly the lack of time to do these things. The only time I’m ever really in the kitchen these days is at the end of a long day. This usually consists of me looking like a zombie in workout clothes walking to and from the fridge, getting all my lunch and snack stuff prepped and ready for the next day. The busy lifestyle is GOOD, I ain’t complaining about that. But sometimes I’d rather grab a snack at a cafe on my way to a meeting to break routine or leave my thursday evenings to relaxing and blogging rather than prepping for the next day.

Weekends are a big one too, after the whole week of prepping and being in control of the process of making my own food, the best thing to do on a weekend is treat myself to going out and letting someone else be in control for once. The problem I used to face though was who to trust? Can you really trust where chefs and restaurants get their ingredients from? Can you trust that what they add to their great tasting meals is healthy and healing for our bodies? Most times, even after ordering a salad from a restaurant, I would walk out feeling worse than when I walked in absolutely famished and keen for what I assumed to be healthy meal. Those are the kinds of places I wont ever go back to. I’m not the type of person to sit and question a restaurateur or chef, I listen to my body and when my body doesn’t feel good, I already have my answer.

Healthy places to eat at used to be non-existent just a few years ago. Lately, health and wellness has become such a trend that a few new hot spots have opened up around beautiful Jozi. And I don’t mean a place where you can grab just one or two healthy options, I mean spots that literally only cater to the health conscious.

The greatest thing about these spots is that they are enforcing the right kind of knowledge and awareness on the rest of the people who are unsure about how to eat consciously or don’t know how to create a well-balanced lifestyle diet into their daily lives and weekend lives. Most of us so easily eat well during the week but once the weekend sneaks up on us, we can just as easily fall off the health wagon. Weekends are supposed to be easy-going, fun, rejuvenating and spontaneous. There is nothing worse than having to prep all your meals for the weekend knowing that what you had for lunch during the week will be the same for the weekend. Go to a cafe, sit and enjoy the vibe of a gorgeous health restaurant and indulge in some ‘legal treats’. Because that’s what life is about. You don’t have to have a pasta to have a great time, you can choose to have a delicious nourishing green smoothie with a quinoa and kale salad topped with a rose balsamic dressing and walk out that place feeling like you could just about go run a marathon with all the good energy you got stored up in that body of yours. Ok that was dramatic, I know! But I really do feel that good sometimes.

Here they are – my top healthy hotspots for summer!

Bliss Juicery – These guys are the best juice bar in town! And I trust them! They are located in the Colony Centre near Hyde Park.Their juicies are 100% pure, all natural and totally affordable compared to most venues. They have so much variety and all of their produce helps with healing the body in some form or another. They have everything from green juices to beet to citrus to almond drinks. They also have the best healthy treats made organically and with love.

My fav drink from them – Green 04 Juice and their latest Watermelon and Ginger Juice!

Top tip* Be aware when you buy juices from other places, most water their drinks down to save on veggies and fruits and charge you ridiculously so the value you get for what you spend can’t compare.


beetroot juice and cleanse menu from bliss juicery

IMG_20151020_093223 (1)

cleanse juices from bliss juicery


healthy treats

Conscious 108 – Gorgeous little spot in Greenside with rustic decor and a totally chilled atmosphere. I feel like I’m walking into Cape Town when I go there. Their food is fully vegan and all healthy options.

My fav meal – Almost Perfect Veggie Burger which comes with the largest green salad and is also soy free. Win!


conscious 108 greenside

Kauai – Recently rebranded and taken over by the guys who own Nu. Absolutely in love with their new menu which is completely legal and so delicious. What I love about these guys is that their ingredients are top quality and their smoothie and juices are made so quickly. The greatest is that they are almost everywhere and at all Virgin Active gyms.

My fav snack item – Nut Milk Superfood Smoothie (Oh my word! It literally is to die for and a 100% legal treat)


kauai nature’s protein green smoothies


why thank you…

Leafy Greens – this is probably my favourite place of all, not only because of the great food but the location and vibe. They are located in Muldersdrift with the most gorgeous cafe hidden amongst the trees. They have their own garden so their meals are of the freshest kind, their meals are interesting and different which helps break routine especially as a veggie. I mean how many salads can one really eat right?

My fav meal combo – Organic Kale Salad with a Green Smoothie AND their frozen Pumpkin Lasagne which I sometimes buy for during the week


leafy greens kale salad and smoothie

The Grove Green Cafe – a new little spot that just opened on 7th Avenue in Parktown North. My man and I adore this place because it’s so quite and private. Almost feels like it’s away from the big city, surrounded by trees and their own veggie patch. Their meals are amazing and no added sugar to anything! Our fav spot to go to just after a light saturday morning gym and yoga sesh.

My fav treat – Protein flapjacks and the Dirty Smoothie

Processed with VSCO

protein flapjacks – grove green cafe breakfast treat

Processed with VSCO

grove green cafe

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

overnight oats and dirty smoothie – the grove green cafe

And there you have it – the top health places to go to in town!

Fill your week days with healthy snacks and your weekends with healthy treats.


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