boost your booty juice

Every girl dreams of having a firm booty with smooth skin. The secrets to having this doesn’t come from fad diets, fat burners and large amounts of meal replacement shakes. In fact, those are the very ingredients for creating dimpled skin, acne and toxins within our bodies. I can say this, because Ive been there, done it all and take it from me, the results were devastating!

This year Ive dedicated most of my energy and time into educating myself on the science of nature’s medicine. How something as simple as fruit can help heal our bodies, remove cellulite and clear those toxins, leaving us feeling radiant, energised and confident!

I created this very recipe just a week ago while I was cooking dinner. I was feeling a little sluggish, needed a pick me up and all thats on my mind at the moment is going on holiday, being in bikinis and laying on the beach! Therefore, one needs a smooth booty right? 😉 Smooth doesn’t mean skinny, I still love my curves and I encourage every woman out there to enjoy your curvy or tiny hips and bootys. As long as you FEEL energised and good. As long as you LOOK healthy, glowy and smooth. As long as all of those factors are in place, you ARE healthy and you should be feeling confident and beautiful.


The only way to get rid of cellulite is by changing your diet and by adding more antioxidant type foods into your lifestyle plan. The secret to most fruit is that they have very powerful antioxidant properties and every single fruit has a different type of antioxidant ‘chemical’ make-up to help fight against a certain type of free radical that produces naturally in our bodies. Now free radicals is what causes inflammation, disease and toxins in our bodies. The only we we can eliminate these toxins is by feeding ourselves loads of antioxidant powered foods such as fruit and all things natural. Cellulite is caused by these toxins. Cellulite is one of many ways in which our body can show us how much damage we are doing internally. Eventually, something’s got to show up on the surface, right?

The main ingredient in this juice is orange. Firstly, they’re in season so go wild. Secondly, oranges contain vitamin C which is one of the most powerful vitamins on earth and our bodies really need this vitamin in order to function healthily and without disease. Oranges disarm free radicals that cause disease and toxin build up. By disarming toxins naturally, there is no way that acne and cellulite are able to build up and venture their way to the surface of our skin.

FullSizeRender (6)

This juice is aimed at keeping free radicals away and in turn keeping your body healthy, alkaline, free of disease and toxins and therefore giving you smooth, firm skin and a radiant glow of energy.

 For more info on the endless healing properties of oranges, check out: Antioxidants in Oranges

FullSizeRender (7)

This juice is also packed with protein from the spinach and the lemon will make your body more alkaline. It also tastes super fresh thanks to the mint 😀  Please bare in mind that oranges are extremely low in calories and their supreme healing properties out way the natural sugar by far!

So eat your oranges!

I N G R E D I E N T S :

2 peeled oranges

1 peeled lemon

half packet of spinach / 10 large spinach leaves

2 handfuls of mint leaves

R E C I P E :

  • Juice the spinach, mint leaves and peeled oranges
  • Squeeze lemon out in the fresh juice (no point in adding it to the juicer when you can squeeze it yourself 😉 )
  • I then sift my juices just to make sure they are extra smooth!
  • ENJOY it with some ice!

I recommend trying to drink a juice a day. Get yourself a juice extractor and go for it! It will cost you one month but you cannot put a price on your health and wellness!

Happy Healthy Festive Season 😀 !


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