the stuff we’re made of.

In completing my last few modules of the Nutritional Therapy course, now more than ever do I see the importance of eating to heal and not eating to lose weight, gain muscle or whichever else the goal may be. I had it so wrong. Most of us do. Media and that little voice in the back of our minds known as Ego are the main culprits in swaying us in the very wrong direction when it comes to what we assume is a healthy way of living.

So, in completing this section of my life and before I go on to specialise in Naturopathy and the science behind natural medicine (…super excited!) this is a topic of my idea of why human beings need nutrients and such things as antioxidants. Actually, why we need food at all! In this post, I’d like to change your mindset of food, so the next time you bring a fork to your mouth you’ll think twice about what’s on that fork. Is it going to benefit your body or destroy it? Or if not change, at least I’d like to challenge the way you think about food.

Our human bodies are made up of atomic energy, not matter. The same stuff the universe is made of! The way the Earth works, everything in the cosmos, all rely on perfect balance. The split second that anything is out of balance in the vast universe, is the split second that something could simply disappear or come into existence. So why would our bodies work any differently? Seeing that we are all made up of star stuff.

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”Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. It says an atom is actually an invisible force field, a kind of miniature tornado, which emits waves of electrical energy” – reference from LifeTrainings’ article on New Science by Anando.

The very basis of our daily lives revolve around taking in the perfect amount of nutrients in order for our bodies to reach a state of homeostasis. This balance that we are striving to achieve is what results in us being able to function our utmost best every single day. This balance is what makes us FEEL good, makes our bodies come to a state where they are able to metabolise perfectly and hence allowing us to be at that perfect weight, whatever that might be for you.

It is important to realise that that picture you have stuck in your head of the ”perfect body” is not actually how your perfect body will look. In fact, I can almost guarantee thats not how it will look. I can say this, because like you, I’ve been there. I’ve been at the stage in my life where all I’ve wanted was wash board abs, a tiny butt with firm skin, no cellulite, sculpted legs and shoulders and a long, lean back! Ive dreamed of silky, strong hair, healthy nails and glowing skin. I’ve been there and all these dreams and aspirations only led me to compete in the most unhealthy state my body has ever been in. I unfortunately had to take things way too far before I realised just how much damage I’d done. Only through desperation did I force myself to realise that there had to be another way. One in which I’d be able to love my body, where I’d be able to feel good and also look the way I was meant to look at MY best. Not anyone else’s best which would only be my ‘version’ of best.

Im taking things back to the universe. To nature. The way things are meant to be. If we cannot achieve a state of homeostasis, like the universe and like mother nature, we either develop other worlds within our bodies that give birth to diseases like cancer. Or we begin to deteriorate and our cells die off and we develop internal and devastating mental illnesses like alzheimer’s and dementia. We begin to disappear, we feel pain, we suffer.

Whatever your purpose, whatever your path in this lifetime, it is no excuse to live unhappily in this physical body. To live feeling uncomfortable and unsure of yourself.

The only way in which we are able to reach balance is by giving our bodies foods that are enriched with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Foods that come from nature! That are here to give our bodies the energy they need to keep sustained. There are 4 major types of essentials that our bodies need: Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils and Antioxidants. These are the building blocks of food, the very reason why we should be eating to heal and maintain health rather than only eating to gain outside enhancement. When we focus on our make up, and we get that right from the inside, the rest will follow. These are the essentials that many of us forget about because unless the science behind them has been studied, their importance is not understood.

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photo cred: james ransom

Vitamins being vitamins A, C, all the B’s, K, Folic acid and many more, which everyone knows about.

Minerals such as Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Zinc and others which most people choose to supplement instead of take from food.

Essential Oils like Omegas 3 and 6.

Antioxidants: the list here is almost endless but examples such as Bioflavonoids, Co-enzyme Q10 and Inositol which are almost unheard of unless nutrition has been studied.

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photo cred: megan voigt

Many of you might be thinking that you know most of these and you definitely do receive them through food. But the problem lies within itself, almost all antioxidants / vitamin and minerals need promoters, foods or supplements that maximise the absorption of a certain mineral / vitamin. There are also adversaries which prevent a certain vitamin or mineral from being absorbed by the body and thats where the problem comes in. We all know mother nature can be a bitch, and in this case, exactly that! We just need to take extra precaution when trying to consume vitamins and minerals. Its important to have frequent nutrient deficiency assessments done in order to monitor nutrient intake and advise on promoters and adversaries. Don’t limit your intake of foods such as fruit, veggies and legumes; these all have extreme healing properties.

For meat eaters, I cannot stress enough the hormones in these products. Dairy and meat products are mass produced which means these animals are pumped with hormones in order to get them onto the shelves as fast as possible. Going back to human beings being made of energy and not matter, there’s a reason why eating meat can leave you feeling so lethargic, ‘heavy’ and quite frankly terrible. When an animal has been mistreated and slaughtered inhumanly, their energy lives way beyond their living physical body and so it stays within the meat that you are about to eat. Dead, traumatised energy. I understand the difficulty of letting go eating meat when its supposed to be a ‘natural’ part of life but how your meat is prepared is so important to not only your health but also your wellbeing. I’d always suggest finding out where your meat comes from, but not only meat, anything you eat. Seem like a big mission? My only answer is that you cannot put a price on your health, your body. It’s yours to look after so that’s your decision to make but getting meat from a butcher you trust is always best. When you know the animals are being treated fairly and living in a good environment where they are able to create a good energy and where they are grain fed and not hormone pumped is always going to be the better option.

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photo cred: brooke (chocolate + marrow)

This post is a raw part of me, I hurt every time I hear someone has passed from cancer or someone has a type of deterioration illness. Part of it is human nature and sometimes it’s the way things are meant to go. But most of the time, these illnesses can be prevented and especially healed by nature. I feel like I need to get involved and not waste a second more, if it means I can help humanity and spread the same message that we see almost every single day but most of us avoid. If I could just change your perspective and your outlook of healthy living and wellness. If I could just show you how beautiful you are and tell you that you really are made up of the same stuff that stars are made of, then maybe you’ll feel inspired. Maybe then you’ll take me seriously and believe me when I say that your physical body is NOT the reason you are here. You are a precious soul inside this human body, a body that you must nourish and look after to the very best of your ability so that you can experience this life to the absolute maximum.

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Think about it like this: we begin with food, as babies all we need is to be fed every few hours to help us grow, help us survive, keep sickness away and help us develop into the healthiest toddlers possible. This doesn’t change along the way. Whatever made us think otherwise? We can PREVENT a disease by eating the right way. We can CURE a disease with natural medicine (most of that coming from food). The world has it wrong. Stop listening to the media, stop watching fitness model’s Instagram pages (unless they make you feel good about being YOU and don’t make you feel like you should change yourself to fit in with the rest of the world), stop waiting for everyone else to follow along with the newest fad and latest trend so you can see if it works for them before you jump in with the rest of the sheepish crowd. Start listening to your inner voice, you’re the only one who knows whats best for YOUR body and your wellness lifestyle. Educate yourself on the food you eat because it could very well be the cause of a disease. Stop being naive, stop avoiding and start the energetic movement with me. Allow yourself to make your own decisions and be the positive change for the loved ones around you.

For a further bit of enlightenment on this topic, Ive selected this video: How Food Effects your Brain Watch it, it will change your life!


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