healing tahini

tahini 2

A dressing that tastes like halva #inlove!

This recipe is so easy, I usually whip it up as Im running around for work and don’t have much time to prep for a more lengthy type of meal.

Add this dressing to any vegetable salad or as a fruit dip!

Why tahini? For starters it’s rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and lecithin so the perfect fix for anyone suffering from those deficiencies. Higher in calcium and vitamins B1,2,3,5 and B12 than most vitamin supplements, so before you spend crazy amounts of money on supplements like these, rather try out a spoon of tahini for your vitamin kick. Tahini helps prevent anaemia and has a high alkaline mineral content which assists in weight loss.

Ground from sesame seeds, the better option (or only option by health standards) is to go for unhulled tahini which still contains all the above nutrients.


1 Tbsp natural and unhulled tahini (no added chemicals / sugar)

1 Lime


Mix ingredients together and serve cold


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