change requires changing


I did something crazy. I did something I finally had the guts to do after months of contemplating, months of wondering, travelling, finding myself, my path and finally coming to terms with my current wellbeing and path. I quit my job. I quit the only thing I ever thought I was capable of doing: working. Working a full day, being under pressure and earning a great salary. I quit it all for pursuing my dreams.

This is something I thought was an impossible thing for me to do, I always spoke of it but never thought Id actually do it. I googled and researched and tried to find stories of how other people did it and what process they followed because the only thing I was worried about was how I was going to support myself and pay for my expenses, which Ive also had to cut down by half. How would I afford all the things I love? All the places I love to eat out at, all the takeout coffees I buy on a daily basis, all the places I want to travel to. I planned to go back in India in October too, to work hard and save every month to afford my yoga training and my trip to and from beautiful India. But Ive sacrificed  everything to listen to my heart.

We don’t find many of these stories and Ive realised that its not because its impossible. Its because its unexplainable. This feeling, how I got to this point, why I got to this point and how I feel going forward and literally taking this leap into the unknown, is all so unexplainable. So, I’m going to try my best and explain as much as I possibly can.

I didn’t quit my job because it was hard or because it was “work”. I quit because I finally came to terms with the fact that what I was doing just wasn’t serving me any longer. I finally had the nerve to tell my true self that I cant bare the pressure of these highly stressful but highly paying jobs.

I finally confessed all of this to myself, but what a liberating feeling it is coming to terms with my true self. Facing myself, my dreams and in essence my fears is probably amongst one of the most challenging things Ive yet to experience.

Its funny that we’d rather be unhappy in a job and wait it out to see how it goes, we ignore what our hearts say and we keep pushing because we think its the “right thing to do”. We push because society says we should push. Because this is the only way society and the system can keep us in line yet when we’re kids we are taught to follow our so called dreams. The best part is that we don’t even know what dreams are at that age. We don’t even know what LIFE is. We only begin to understand dreams when we feel unhappy, anxious and discontent in certain situations. We wish and we pray that our “dreams” would come true. We stay in these positions because everyone else seemingly deals with it and when that little voice called ego thinks surely I should be stronger, right? And keep doing what everyone else is doing? Because if we dont, we are weak. Wrong. I believe so strongly that that mentality is just so wrong! And we were taught this mentality.

Im so in love with my path, the path that’s taken me 6 years to discover, it didnt come quickly nor easily. This path of helping, healing and being of service to others. Finding balance in my daily life and living to the fullest each day because I finally know what it means to be present and aware. In order for me to create this life of calm and balance, I needed to do the “impossible” and quit my full time job. Change requires changing. If we want a different life, if we want to create something new and exciting but we just don’t know how? We need to stop, breathe and start with the small steps. Quitting your job is probably going to be that first step. And you’re not quitting on life, you’re quitting on being the person you know you’re not. You’re quitting on society and on the system. You’re quitting on absolutely everything everyone has ever told you about life, about the world and about a job. You’re taking the first step toward the very reason you were born, to live your sole purpose.


I love that people are asking me what Im going to be doing now, how will I be able to make money, what was I thinking? I love it! A sister of mine said it perfectly, that money is a constant FLOWING pattern. Money comes into your life just as money flows out of your life.

Money is always there to be made and the more we stress and worry about ‘oh, when will my next pay check be coming in??’ the less of it we have. The basic law of attraction.

This was the ONLY thing that ever stopped me from taking that courageous step into my future. Money isnt dangerous, its the thought of money that kills us. The idea of it! The idea of how much could be made, should be made, of how much we NEED. Exactly a year ago I was in a space where I just needed so much cash that I manifested a job that allowed me to make as much as I possibly could, even more than I actually imagined. And guess what, I wasn’t even happy while doing it. Big surprise there. This was the push I needed to move forward and actually make my dreams come true. The realisation that money will always be made but to make it, I need to be doing the things Im so absolutely in love with.


The message I have for you today is this: When you’re finished changing, you’re finished (Benjamin Franklin) We will always be evolving and changing into the people we were born to be. But it is up to us to make the decision in taking the steps toward our future. Yes, its very frightening, Ive been second guessing, Ive been freaking myself out but thats part of the process to. Im not saying quit without a skeleton of a plan, allow yourself some quiet time so that you can figure out your path, this might take a few weeks or even months but I promise you’ll never stop learning and from that you’ll always be evolving and remoulding. And once you make that decision to finally leap into the unknown, the universe will do all in its power to provide you with the tools and gifts you need to make this work. Why? Because you’re on your true path and the universe knows this and wants this for YOU!

This one big choice is just a tiny stepping stone into a very powerful future. When you want something bad enough, you have to make a decision. And often, that decision is the hardest thing you need to do.



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  1. shaakirav5 says:

    Gotta day I love this post! Very interesting, true and relevant. So glad to know I’m not alone 😊


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