what Ive learnt so far being an entrepreneur

Its already been 2 months since I quit my job and started my own business. Two very intense months of lessons learnt, challenges had, growth earned and LOTS of change!

Even though these have been my two very empowering months, they’ve been hard. Really the hardest time Ive ever had. And the strangest thing is that this realisation only hit home over the last few days. Its been a few days of rollercoaster emotional banter and confusion. Not sure where my business is going, then I am sure of where its going but not really certain of how Ill be getting there. So with this post, Im releasing my vent but also sharing what Ive learnt so far since Ive become an entrepreneur:

1. Its a lonely journey. Yes, there are many entrepreneurs but all of them have different paths and the path that chose me is a lonely and challenging one. When you start your own business being solo and from home, times can get tough and slowly one can slip into a rut and that rut is really only discovered when its a little too deep to climb out.

2. The rut enforces great change! Its a shitty place to be and everyone is different but when this rut happens, I know that with myself especially, it forces me into power woman mode. I dont stop planning for new ways out. Ways that will take myself and my brand to the next level. This phase is crucial, no matter how much it hurts, to ensure that the business evolves and pivots to something that WILL work. These phases havent only been happening since Ive become an entrepreneur, every time my soul urges me to make a great change, these are the steps I go through. This is when I know there is about to be a MAJOR breakthrough to which ever path is next.

3. Its almost impossible to say NO. Especially in the very beginning phases of starting up, because you cant afford to lose business and you also need to see where the market is and what the market needs from you and your brand. So take advantage now fellow friends, because Ill probably still be saying yes to everything.

4. Nobody gets you. Sorry family. Sorry friends. People can simply advise from their perspective but dont expect anybody to actually understand you or your business. Its not that they’re not willing to help, its that nobody can see your vision the way you can. Dont get upset about it, it just brings me to my next lesson:

5. You are the only one you can depend on. Trust yourself, trust your path and the universe’ plan for you because all of these emotions and phases NEED to happen in order for you to believe and understand that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you need to be. This is the exact space you need to be in to take everything to the next level.

6. Growth is inevitable. With believing in your path, with knowledge of your product / service and with passion, there is no other way but upward. Believe that this phase will soon pass because nothing lasts forever, do as much self reflection and power researching during this phase as possible and before you know it you’ll be on top of the world once again.


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