I Love my Body Cleanse: RESULTS

Truthfully speaking, I have NEVER been able to finish a detox program. I find them difficult, unsafe and usually after day 4 Im already thinking about all the junk food Id rather be eating. Which got me thinking: if Im following a cleanse program, I should be thinking about how to heal my body, I should WANT to eat to heal and nourish myself, I should actually be feeling more connected to myself instead of craving stuff that will only destroy my body. Thats when I created my own cleanse program. A program I needed when I was going through quite a difficult time emotionally. You’d think food wouldn’t help with emotions right? Quite the opposite effect actually. Ive seen through personal and professional experience that when our emotions are heightened, its so easy for us to slip into an unhealthy and dangerous pattern of emotional eating, otherwise known as binge eating (or if really excessive, compulsive binge eating disorder).

After trying many types of detoxes I only ever slipped right back into a state of emotional eating. I just found that so many of the programs I tried were too harsh on my body, making me lack in minerals and nutrients and thats why my body craved certain foods and eventually I gave in to those cravings only to cause a downward spiral of binge eating. The more I downward spiraled, the further away I felt from my body. Feeling that deep sense of disconnection only leads to an unsettling feeling of not truly KNOWING  what foods our bodies need when they feel the lack of all the good and healthy stuff, leaving us no option but to reach for the closest bar of chocolate. Sound familiar? After doing loads of research, I found that the majority of people doing detox programs feel the exact same way and often go through the exact same processes. I can only sum this up as: NOT healthy! And NOT effective.

The cleanse program that I designed was designed for the disconnection I felt from my own body. But after being able to complete the ONLY detox program ever, I saw how the program naturally cleansed my body of all toxins and left me feeling light, connected and re-energised. But I also had many moments of self-reflection which lead to many realisations and usually these are the lessons we need to learn in order to bring us closer to our bodies and our inner Being. After a very successful cleanse, I decided to share the program with you all. One of my clients wanted to share her experience of the program. Its different for everyone and thats the beauty of it:

From Priyanka Pillay
So after a wonderful morning walk around the zoo, I’m diving into my last breakfast on this cleanse. So I thought this would be an appropriate time for reflection and to share the 10 things I learned through this week:

1. I freaking love almonds! Almond butter, almond milk, ground almonds, plain almond; almonds are life!
2. I don’t need to eat as much as I usually do to fuel my body on a daily basis.
3. I do not drink nearly enough water as I should.
4. There are many ways to do oats in the morning and this will now be my staple breakfast.
5. Support is key when you’re trying to be healthy, surrounding myself with understanding and supportive people helped me to keep on track.
6. Positive and affirmative thoughts make all the difference.
7. As much as I love meat and bread, I feel so much better eating fresh vegetables.
8. I am a veggie juice convert! I bought a juicer and I prefer veggie juice to fruit juice and I am committed to making some batches of juice each week.
9. You need to make time to meditate, it’s important to just calm your mind and enjoy the silence.
10. I am happy with my lifestyle and eating habits, most of the food that I usually eat is fresh and healthy. I do however need to stop eating out so much and start prepping food at home.
Overall @naturalhealing_bysuskia ‘s cleanse was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone

Wondering whether its time for a detox / cleanse?

Ask yourself the following questions:

If you find yourself saying yes to 3 or more of the following, then it’s definitely time for a light reboot!

  • yeast infections / sensitive bladder
  • feeling drained, exhausted, sluggish
  • lacking energy / energy slumps during your day
  • frequent headaches / migraines
  • bad breath / indigestion / bloated
  • allergies / regular flu and cold symptoms
  • mood swings / imbalanced hormones
  • binging / cravings
  • loss of appetite / can’t think about eating frequent meals
  • cellulite
  • ance
  • difficulty sleeping
  • no motivation to eat well / anxiety / unclear mind
  • battling to lose weight

Contact me via email – suskianaturalhealing@gmail.com for more info and to begin your healing process 🙂



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