daily rituals

Do you give yourself time every day to be alone with yourself, just to breathe, feel the sun on your face, smell the crisp air that the early morning offers, be in solitude to work out goals and future plans? 

I used to make so many excuses, who has time to do things for oneself every single day when we have a million and one other things we need to be taking care of? 

Before we know it we’re a ball of stress with no direction and no clue how to put one foot in front of the other and worse: no clue how we even got there. My life started transforming only when I started doing great things for myself every day. 

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind knowing that you can work on your own schedule and not feel obliged to do things like everyone else! I think doing the things you love is great but sometimes those things can actually be the cause of lot of stress. Like starting your own business and trying to find a sense of balance and new routine, a task I didnt think would be so difficult but its proven to be a great challenge. Im still trying to find my feet and I still believe that no matter how much we do the things we love, time for relaxation and self is so much needed when trying to build a stable foundation of personal peace, happiness and direction. 

Ive found that in order to truly connect to myself and realign my focus on my business (and life in general!) I still need to do what I call my daily rituals. Even though they’ve changed around and they continue taking different shapes and forms (like sitting meditation vs meditating while cooking or bathing) and while Im still trying to fit them in with my new lifestyle, these are the things I do to keep me balanced and focused and I find that without these rituals, I feel totally out of balance and with being a Libra, everything needs to be in balance! 

•Morning green tea – so lets just say that if I dont have my green tea first thing every morning, I havent started my day. Theres just something magical about drinking a perfect cuppa while starting to wake up to the new beginnings of a new day. Green tea has been proven to be a healing drink and fires up the metabolism kick starting your body for the day but after green tea, I feel energised and clear minded!  

•Morning meditation – 10 minutes or more a day, one of my most powerful rituals, keeping me present and aware and allowing me to think rationally and see things from a different perspective. When I get stressed, theres not much else that can bring me back inwards other than my meditation practice. 

•Workout – even when I dont feel like it! Why? Because thats usually the time my mind and body need the boost most. Unless my body is physcially drained and needs the break, Im working out every day for 45 minutes and my workouts always include 15 minute stretching afterwards. I leave gym walking on clouds with my beetroot juice in hand!

•Cooking food and preparing for the next day – this takes 15 minutes of my day! Thats nothing when you look at what value you’re offering your body and also your mind. Going to bed feeling all accomplished and organised for the next day! Thats my best (and a little OCD too, but thats ok 😉) 

•Occasionally – Ill treat myself to full body sports remedial massage to help get rid of stress build up in my muscles because even when we practice yoga and other forms of stretching, we still have a build up of stress energy that we need to physically remove allowing for more space and peace. 

•Practicing patience – a daily reminder! The universe is working in perfect harmony with events in our lives to make sure we end up on our path and we need to trust and know that this is happening. By being patient, we allow ourselves the time and space to be faced with the lessons we need to learn. We are also forced into the present moment which creates the purest form of peace allowing us to catch every moment and appreciate the beauty of our lives. 

•Reminding myself that Im a Libra and I need to be out of balance and out of sync to learn and evolve! Sometimes being a Libra poses so many challenges, like being so focused on being in perfect balance and trying to control absolutely every single event and situation that we often create our own imbalance. Worrying about the future and worrying about perfection all lead us to creating our own anxiety and disfunction. 

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