my travel diaries: Cape Town: 12Hofmeyr + In Awe Stays

Im lucky enough to be surrounded by the most divine kinds of people. People who give so openly without any expectations. And I think thats the goal for many of us: to live a life without expectation. We find peace and beauty in that. A few weeks back, I treated myself to a little getaway to beautiful Cape Town. I needed time out, I needed to see an old friend, create new memories, spend some time in solitude and learn new lessons. And of course I went for the yoga, wine, food and sea too and it just so happened to be full moon so the weekend was intensely perfect! #moonbaby!
Speaking of divine people though, I was offered two beautiful places to stay by 2 amazing hosts. Centered in the one of the most beautiful and central areas of Cape Town is 12Hofmeyr and In Awe Stays.
I need to write about these 2 magnificent places because everyone needs to know about them! Calling out to ALL my friends, family and followers! These 2 places are MUST stays!

On the day of my arrival, I stayed at 12Hofmeyr, a gorgeously designed modern victorian house. With 4 bedrooms, a super stylish kitchen (Smeg all the way 😉 ), comfy lounge area where I got super involved in all their design mags, a gorgeous little outside section where I drank all their green tea and ate my peanut butter oats before heading to heated vinyasa yoga. They had a rooftop jacuzzi and a view to die for… What more… Oh wait, the victorian bath in the middle of my room… Yes, THAT was my favourite! A place that everyone needs when change is in the air, the type of place that causes massive inspiration and when you need to get away from literally everything, a victorian home is the place to be.

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My second night, I had the pleasure of staying at In Awe Stays, also located in the heart of Cape Town , not too far from Hofmeyr. Its so close to everything I needed! I would walk to Wellness Centre, grab some epsom salts for my bath later that evening. Id walk to Melissa’s for a divine breakfast watching table mountain the next morning, reading their magazines on travels and conversing with my friend. One day we walked to the cutest deli and after our health sandwiches and wine, retreated to the bar. The next night, we walked to Beerhouse on Long Street and grabbed pizzas on the way home… I felt like I was back in Europe. Thats how central these 2 gorgeous places are 😉👌🏼

 In Awe Stays:

While my friend got The Loft, I got the Garden Cottage. Which may I just say was absolutely breathtaking! A rustic mod design with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, my own little kitchen where I made my tea and toast, my own lounge area where I lay on the couch looking out onto the cutest garden… That made my heart happy! But that evening, I sat in solitude, on their outside wall, overlooking Cape Town and whispering my heart’s desires to the full moon. In an absolute trance, that made my soul happy! 

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And not to mention, I practiced yoga for 2 days at The YogaZone in Cape Town City Centre. A heated studio (perfect for the chilly season) with awesome yoga instructors! Probably one of the most challenging yoga experiences Ive had so far, it was a different experience altogether and one that I wish we had in Joburg!
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Again, a huge heartwarming thank you to Fulvio (owner of YogaZone), Phillipe and Jess (owners of 12Hofmeyr), Doreen (owner of In Awe Stays) and Prashant (my dear friend and fellow yogi) for your hospitality, wisdom and time shared with me. Its unbelievable how much can be learnt in only 3 days once you open yourself up fully to the universe and accept your path so trustingly. Thank you thank you ⭐️🌟💫 

Sunset view from PotLuck dinner which blew my mind 😍👌🏼… The dinner AND the sunset 


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