transformation of a real woman: RESULTS

This beautiful woman was my friend long before she became my client but in her words, I managed to somehow inspire her to make a huge lifestyle change, but of course I say she is where she is today because of HER determination and actions.

I strongly feel that sharing your journey with the rest of the world is a MUST when it comes to personal progress and growth. There are millions of people out there waiting to hear about personal changes and how you made it happen. The strength that lies within changing your body is immense because it comes from a deeper level of truly understanding your body and your mind. What a person goes through when making changes like my client below is not only inspiring to the majority but it can be LIFE changing to others.

Ive seen this woman transform her entire life, her mind and her body, all while traveling the world and finding her feet. Im so proud of this REAL woman. Her images and results speak for themselves:

4 years ago / now: 2016

Bridgid and I met 4 years ago where the change was inspired and we kept in contact via social media. She became my client and actually won my first set of personalised nutrition programs (february 2016) and she has since then been following her tailor made eating program. She now trains and competes in Brazilian jiu jitsu, submission grappling and wrestling. Besides from picking up some nutrient deficiencies in her online assessments, the one element she really battled with was low energy. Not only on competition days but on every other day too. These energy lows were a result of a few deficiencies and lack of proper nutrition. Just a few changes needed to be made but that made all the difference, especially in preparation for big comp days.

After sending her a list of foods she needed to eat more of in order to rebalance her body and sort out the deficiencies, shes come back to me saying she has more energy than ever before and  is still seeing amazing results! Now, thats so important to me, the journey is supposed to be fun and exciting. It should leave you feeling so good about yourself, you should always be feeling energised and empowered when working on your body! Never drained and defeated. Thats not healthy and thats not what my brand is about.

In 4 years, shes lost altogether 9kgs but 4 of those were in the last 4 months of her being on the personalised program. Everyone is aware that those last few kilos are always the hardest to lose! It feels almost impossible at times but she did it and she achieved crazy results in just 4 months! Shes maintaining her healthy lifestyle, shes not depriving herself and this certainly wasnt a quick fix process. Let this woman be inspiration to everyone on their weight loss journey: this process takes so much time, be patient with yourself, be patient with your body. Always be consistent because thats the only way you’re going to reach your goals. No fad diets and jumping between trends just because social media is great at marketing. No shaming yourself and guilt tripping yourself when you emotional eat or go off track for a little while, I say this because it does happen and its ok. Accept what is, let it go and get back on track as soon as possible: consistency is key! 

100% natural woman, happy and energised!
sent to me 6 june 2016 – amazing!

Well done to my beautiful client, you are a true inspiration to all of us ✨❤️!

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