My TOP 5 Rituals of Self-Love

Here are some of the top rituals I follow to help me unwind and calm my mind, re-energise my body and soul and help me completely surrender to the moments at present. I don’t feel the need to have anything else when I follow these satisfying routines, sometimes we need to accept situations as they are, leave our worries at the door, know when it’s time to focus on ourselves and go inward. This is the true meaning of self love and acceptance, there is nothing more liberating, trust me!

SOLITUDE: In the very beginning, this is scary. Only because when we sit with ourselves, we are forced to go deeply inward. This offers us the opportunity to deal with old traumas, old hurt and old memories. This is a good thing! We begin to heal through this process. We cannot love ourselves truly and even others if we have not met ourselves deeply and this only happens through the process of solitude.

What I do during my moments of solitude: I spend time reflecting, meditating and sometimes just switching off all social media and watching a good movie all by myself does the trick. Reflection involves creating vision boards or creative visualisation, imagining what Id like my future to look like, imagining what my version of heaven on earth would look like, thinking about past trauma to guide me through my own way of healing. Don’t be afraid of your inner pain, it’s yours to deal with, nobody but you can see what’s going on inside your head and your heart, don’t be ashamed of what comes up, forgive yourself, let it go now.

Meditation involves sitting in absolute silence, focusing on my breathing, the way my body feels, is there any pain in my physical body and if so, where? Then focusing on energetically exhaling the tension out of my body, this is very powerful. During meditation, you begin to be present. After meditation, you stay present and deal with every situation with a new pair of eyes. My meditation practice has helped me develop new ideas for my business and for my future, it’s helped me to let go of what no longer serves and helps me focus on what’s most important. Meditation saved me from me.

EPSOM SALT BATH: One of the best ways to restore balance to your body. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium and the body absorbs magnesium better externally than it does internally. I light candles and incense and sip on chamomile tea. This relaxes the entire nervous system, allowing your muscles and your gut to calm down completely. I usually do this before eating dinner, this helps me make better choices in the kitchen, once my mind is calm and my body relaxed.

YOGA: There is nothing more liberating to me than being so present in my own body, moving through whatever is blocked in my mind and heart. Through my practice, Ive got to know myself deeply, Ive fallen so deeply in love with myself. Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. Your yoga class should be so intense that you walk out feeling like you’re in another dimension but at the same time still very much grounded here on earth, that you feel so present in your body, that you simply cannot allow your mind to be anywhere else, but still. Give back to your body by allowing your spirit to move through it.

SPENDING TIME IN MY KITCHEN:  I never enjoyed cooking and the reason was because I hated measuring my foods and sticking to such limited options. As a nutritionist, Ive now pushed past my fears of being in the kitchen and once I started putting my knowledge of nutrition together with my passion for cooking, I quickly fell in love with being in the kitchen. Now, cooking for me is a complete form of active meditation, which means I’m completely present while creating something delicious for my body. When you consciously pay attention to your cooking and even the food you’re about to eat, you send your food loving vibrations and gratitude, this then goes into your body and nourishes your entire being with good energy (scientifically proven!). This is the best way to directly give your body all of the lovin’.

SAYING ‘NO’: I used to be that girl who was at a party and had FOMO of not being at the ‘other’ party that was happening at the same time. My FOMO used to be so bad, that sometimes Id have it for weeks after! How sad. FOMO is a lack of presence. That’s even sadder. Considering I started meditating and doing the work on Self years ago, I should have been better at this, but I’m also consistently learning and evolving so I’ve forgiven myself for this. The FOMO, along with all the exhaustion of always trying to be social finally disappeared after I realised I’m the only one in control of my decisions and then, when I started saying ‘no’. We don’t always have to go out just to try fit in. If your friends are real, they will understand and plan for another date. Listen to your body, listen to your soul, know when to go home instead, enjoy an epsom salt bath, put on a really good movie, enjoy some of my healthy snacks (see blog recipes), allow anything that’s been on your mind to naturally come up and then drift away, letting whatever’s worrying you go, get a great night’s sleep and wake up fresh in the morning grateful that you gave yourself what you needed. You are in control.


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