Raw Walnut and Coconut Chocolate

I have a very sweet tooth! And as a nutritionist, I say that if you were born with a sweetness for life, then by all means, indulge! There’s always a good and clean way of doing it. Give your body natural sweetness through fruit and spices like cocoa, ginger, nutmeg, coconut and cinnamon. All of these spices and foods have such great healing powers, so use them to your advantage. Make your own raw chocolate, without the processed sugars and chemicals, this raw bar can only do your body good, nothing less.


In a pan on a medium heat, add all the below ingredients:

3 tbsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil

3 tbsp raw cocoa powder

2 tbsp coconut flakes

1 tsp raw honey

Handful crushed walnuts

Stir all ingredients, allowing everything to melt and mix well, but don’t bring this to the boil! You’ll ruin the nutritional content of the mixture, you still want this chocolate to do your body good.

Add mixture to a container lined with baking paper and immediately to the freezer. Once its hardened, crack the chocolate bark off the paper and add to the container and into the freezer to keep fresh and snack when you need to.

This recipe is raw, vegan (aside from the honey, you may add stevia leaf if you are 100% vegan) and completely healthy and legal in my Nutritionist eyes.


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