Eating for your Chakras Series: ROOT CHAKRA

Starting off with week 1 of Eating for your Chakras Series. This is a very special project that I’ve been planning on starting for the last few weeks. Its taken a lot of research, personal reflection and meditating on the topic to present something really special and real to you. Something that makes sense, something that will help you raise your own vibrations and help you live a more balanced, energetic and aligned life.

Over the next 7 weeks, I’ll be going very deeply into each chakra so that you can become aware of these wonderful little energy portals that pretty much control everything we allow into our lives. Any food disorders, emotional disorders, physical disorders and imbalances you have in you life, you can solve with eating for your chakras. I promise it’s that simple, follow me on my own journey and chat to me after the 7 weeks are up.

So, let’s begin with the base chakra, our root chakra.

root chakra

The foundation of our entire existence, our ‘roots’, our connection to the physical world.

Physically, it’s located in the base of our spine, our tailbone.

When this chakra is imbalanced, emotionally, we begin to feel unsafe, stressed, we have feelings effecting our basic survival instincts effecting our flow of money, we worry about shelter, food and our basic necessities.

Physically, we have problems with our tailbone, legs, feet, pain in our knees, sciatica. We suffer from eating disorders, constipation and we have weak immune system.

When this chakra is completely in alignment and balanced, we feel safe, supported, connected to the physical world and grounded.

How to eat for this chakra:

Because this chakra is the foundation of our roots, we need to eat root veggies, these ground us to our earth. In order to recharge our roots, we need to eat for the colour of this chakra which is red. So any red-rich foods help stimulate and recharge the base chakra.

List of delicious root-balancing foods: I’ve handed-picked the freshest root and red veggies from my local veggie store:

Organic radishes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red apples, carrots, garlic, beetroot, turmeric, ginger, beans, nuts, red bell peppers, red paprika.


During the course of this week, I’ll be sharing some of the lovely grounding recipes I come up with using these foods and spices. I’ll also be documenting articles on colour therapy, affirmations, yoga sequences and meditative mantras to use to help you ground and connect to this chakra as much as possible.

To be honest, this is one of my most blocked chakras, it really rules my life, and maybe rules yours too. Follow me on this incredible journey, it can only do us good! I know I’m ready to get aligned AF.

root chakra 2


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