Eating for your Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra)

As we go into week 2 of my Eating for Your Chakras Series, it’s the strangest thing, I’m quite low this week. And not so much energy wise but more as if my soul is speaking to me from deep within. My emotions have been heightened, my lower back in quite a lot of pain, I’m lacking in my usual burst of creativity, even writing this blog post took maximum effort (a few hours to get myself off the couch to be more specific). Not my usual self at all. I’m lacking in self-confidence, motivation and energy and I’m hella thirsty! Literally. I’m in dire need of litres of H2O.

I sat with myself today, trying to figure out what was going on deep inside. Not just here on the surface. I realised, and this made me really excited, that as you go up the ladder of balancing the chakras, you begin to get deeply connected to every single sign and symptom to prepare you for the balancing of the next chakra. After last week’s balancing of my root, my second, or sacral chakra, has been aching for me to listen up. My soul has been preparing me for this week, for re-aligning and going back to natural balance.

Here we go, let’s jump right into the imbalance of the sacral chakra. As you become more aware of your chakras and how they govern your entire life, try listen to your body, are you feeling any of these physical / emotional symptoms?

Pain in the lower back, infertility, PCOS, bladder / kidney infections, irregular menstrual cycles, gall bladder / spleen / pancreas problems, low libido, hormonal imbalances, stress-related skin conditions, digestive disorders, constipation / diarrhea, weight loss / lack of appetite, lack of energy,  weight gain / overeating, lack of appetite, emotional over-eating, emotional and sexual addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, poor sense of taste, depression, lack of self-worth, lack of creativity and self-confidence. Are you finding it difficult to manifest what your truly desire or feel really passionate about?

Listen deeply. Your body will be able to tell you exactly what’s going on.

This chakra is located in the lower abdomen, it’s the very focal point of our emotions, it helps with our flow of expressing ourselves, how we feel toward others, how they feel for us, our flow of creativity. And it vibrates the energy of the colour orange. Its element is water, which explains my intense craving for water. I’m needing to indulge in water, I need to take frequent bathes, I need to be close to the ocean.


Something very interesting I found while doing research on this chakra: This is an article on food cravings related to an imbalanced sacral.

Have food cravings? Body weight issues and sugar / carbohydrate cravings are commonly associated with this chakra. Cravings can result from unfelt or unexpressed emotions, as well as to the common condition candidiasis, better known as a yeast infection, also associated with this chakra. An overgrowth of yeast can often follow a course of antibiotics or birth control pills and can be centered just in the area of the Sacral Chakra (the female sex organs) or move systemically throughout the body. When you have this condition, you’ll feel like you have a gremlin inside that needs to be fed, you’ll feel tired, and lacking in passion for love and life in general.

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, you’ll feel confident in social interactions, free to process your emotions, feel creative, and able to enjoy sex and other pleasurable activities, like a holiday feast, without guilt.


Why do we need to eat for our chakras? Because foods, especially those that share colours with the chakras, carry vibrations that can activate or balance our chakras. As everything is energy, everything vibrates at different frequencies, you are simply transforming those energy frequencies. Remember what I mentioned in my last post, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Foods I bought this week for my sacral chakra:

Everything orange! Butternut, oranges, pawpaw, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, apricots (Choose 2 / 3 delicious fruits to stick to during the week for variety)

Healthy fats (which nourish and help with this chakras ”flow”): nuts, coconut cream, coconut milk, seeds

Proteins (to help with strengthening and reinforcing): nuts, eggs, plant-based milk, beans, chickpeas, lentils, you can also eat fish which is rich in omega’s

How I’ll be balancing my chakra this week:

Moving! Going to every single yoga class, dancing, getting creative, writing, journaling and focusing deeply on my meditation. Getting creative in the kitchen and designing some amazing new recipes for you too which Ill post later on in the week. Something else I’d like to mention, get into nature, connect to what’s natural, the sun, the moon, the stars, the natural flow of life. This will help you instantly re-energise your physical body as well as your soul. Being in the sun will also energise your sacral chakra, being orange and being our main source of energy.




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