A Love Letter from my Soul to Yours

Believe it or not, each and every one of us have a mission, we all have a very defined and specific path, and this is to unite in unconditional love. Besides working for the basic necessities, all we really desire is pure, divine, out of this world… love. I have a message from my soul to yours, you deserve nothing less than what I’m about to share with you. Nothing less.

So what would this mean for humanity? For society? We would love, without conditions. Give, without expectations. Accept, without judgement.

Buddha has said:


It really does all begin with a rich love for the Self and by being on this incredible journey of self-love I’ve discovered what it truly takes to be in love with another human being. I must be honest, I thought I knew what love was a few years back, it’s now safe to say, I knew nothing. I knew nothing but what society had shaped as love in my mind. My brain knew only the concept of love, the idea of it. Most of my relationships have been toxic and extremely painful, in most cases leaving me angry and cynical toward any form of a relationship.

Self love, self acceptance, is the root of unconditional love. Once I began accepting myself, I began developing the greatest amount of self-respect. I will never allow any human to make me feel like they have caused me pain. I am now wise enough to know that any pain felt is in actual fact a full on projection of self. Its our mirror reflection, there is a lesson to be learned here. Why do you think it’s so painful to love another? Especially when it feels as if the past is repeating itself and that’s probably because it is. Because you havent learnt what you needed to from the last relationship. Because we see ourselves so strongly in that person and we don’t like the Truth of what we see.

It’s really hard to accept the Truth, isn’t it?

Or, when others project their pain and anger onto us, it is our duty to react in a manner of only love, to find out what makes them do the things they do, it is our mission to heal.

Its time to evolve. Time to learn. Time to love unconditionally.


My soul has a very important message, and it goes like this:

If you aren’t able to love me the way I love myself, then I accept you for what you can give, which is beautiful in itself, but I do not want it. I do not want a love that isn’t fulfilling, doesn’t uplift, won’t empower and cannot guide. I do not want a love that is dependent, that is needy and obsessive. I do not need this. I accept you as you are, with what you are able to give, I thank you for what you can at this moment give, as this is all that you have learnt so far. I accept you. For my mission on this planet, my heart will always give too much, because this is my path as a healer. My heart will remain open, it will know no bounds and for most, this will be overwhelming, a little too overwhelming, and I will not apologise for this, this is who I am, this is my nature. But my heart will never stop giving, because the men, the women, who are right for my heart, their hearts will fit into mine like a glove. My heart, will break many times, and the pain will sometimes be unbearable, but my physical body will not die from this, nor will my soul. In fact, my soul will feel alive, more alive than ever, because the man who will come into my life and strip my soul bare will never break this heart, only have the supreme power to mend the broken facets from all past pain.

If you have not met yourself deeply, then my darling, you do not know you. You have not spent time going back, remembering past trauma and past pain, reliving these experiences so that you can finally let them go and heal from them. If you feel that everyone treats you the same and that you get burned every time, then you have not learned to change the way you react to every ‘similar’ situation. Nothing will change unless our reactions change. If you do not love another deeply, if you are numb and unemotional, then you have not learned to love your flaws, you have not learned how to love all parts of yourself deeply enough that no matter what anyone else says, you will overlook and still be in utter awe of your very existence.

Don’t you wish to know what this feels like?

Let me tell you what it feels like. It feels like the earth beneath was made just so you could step barefoot on it, so that you could release your energy into the Mother Gaia and magnetically let go of all things that no longer serve you.

It feels like when you look up at the stars, that the deepest part of your heart longs for a place you know very well exists because your soul is from that place and you know that one day you will return.

It feels that if maybe everyone on this planet didn’t want to be with you, that you’d still be there for you because you’re the only one that can love you the way you deserve to be loved.

But even through all this, you know that there is a love waiting to return to you at the very perfect moment and that moment is when all things in the universe seem perfectly still and perfectly in balance, when you now know you are fully whole inside, this love will come from an external source, and you know it exists, because it exists within you. This man, or this woman, will come into your life when you know what its like to love unconditionally without expectation, without attachment. This love, is the love that exists within you, and it will be mirrored back to you once you master it internally.

If you have not met yourself deeply, then you do not know what it takes to love another. It all begins with you.

Yours truly,



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