A day in the life of a Nutritionist

I’ve been meaning to publish this post for a while now, a day in the life of a nutritionist. What we eat on a daily basis, what our thoughts revolve around (especially when it involves making food choices), what we do to stay fit and energised throughout our days.

Obviously we’re all very different, but I realised the reason I wasn’t driven to post this was because my life is different every single day. Its true! I can’t stand routine. It makes me upset to even think of what my life would be like in constant routine. And I know what most people say, that routine is a good way to measure consistency and growth but I’d like to call a little BS on that one.

Routine is what threw me into a depression in the first place just a few years ago. Maybe its just who I am, or maybe its just because I feel routine is a sneaky way of being part of the system, it sort of takes control of you rather than you taking control of it. And I mean this in the sense that if we break ”routine” for even just a day, we feel that our life is about to fall apart and that all hope of ever reaching any goals is all completely ruined. I know that sounds really dramatic, but am I not right? Is this not the mentality we seem to create around having a strict routine?

And that’s why my life as a nutritionist is all about balance. Because routine doesn’t exist, it shouldnt need to exist in a world of utter and complete balance.

So, with that, here’s a brief overview of my entire week, what it sort of looks like on a day-to-day basis. This is to hopefully give you an idea of how to incorporate balance into your own life.

First thing’s first:

I don’t count weeks, which means I don’t measure my life from a monday to a sunday. This doesn’t exist for me anymore, because when it did, I was perfect from monday-friday and then Id binge eat over the weekends. I learnt that if I wanted to control my compulsive disorder (which I’ve nailed, thank you very much!) and restore balance toward my eating and conscious living, Id need to break all concept of ”time”.

Plan for success:

Yes, this one is real. You need to plan for your week, it doesn’t have to be extreme such as planning every single meal from day 1. In fact, please don’t do that, make space for variety and the unexpected. Being spontaneous is a good thing.

What I mean by planning is I always have 1 day in the week where I like to take an hour to buy fresh ingredients for my new week ahead. This used to be a sunday but I’m working most Sundays now so whenever I get a gap really.

I usually check out my own blog or other healthy recipe books and plan on some meals I think I might enjoy for the new week ahead, then I write out my shopping list and off I go.

Doing something for me:

Without fail. Every single day, I do something for me. A self-love ritual as I like to call it. This is anything from an candlelit epsom salt bath with my special incense all the way from India to meditating in the evenings after a long day. I practice yoga on most days for an hour and a half or I go for a run in the park. I spend time blogging (yes, this is a self-love ritual for me. Writing is a form of self-expression and a powerful way to draw inspiration) or drinking a glass of organic wine while watching the sun go down (or now that its winter, the moon rising on most evenings). Doing something for me usually involves things that help me recharge, and being the clairsentient and empath that I am, I need to recharge my energy by being in solitude, being alone is literally one of my favourite states of being. So whatever it is that allows you to recharge, give it to yourself every single day. Fit it in, because you deserve it and because you’ll most probably go a little crazy without out.

Moving my body:

It’s amazing how much my mindset has changed from the programmed way of thinking that I need to be in the gym for 2 hours a day working on my fitness as opposed to my current state of mind. Which is to train to feel good, instead of look good. I started doing this because my cortisol levels were sky rocketing from weight training and my body was stiffening and becoming quite injured from the pressure of this type of training. I just wasnt feeling good anymore after weight sessions, so I started questioning myself: ”Why was I doing this?”

I decided to make a major change, quit my gym membership, and take up yoga instead. Seeing that yoga was the very thing that helped me connect my body to my mind and my mind to my soul. Yoga was the very thing that saved me. By doing what you love and by moving your body in ways that make you feel really good, you transform energy and balance yourself in such a way that you can really only start to see the results (as I always say, work on balancing the inside and the rest will follow). And after putting this theory to the test, I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been with my body. I feel good all the time and I know I’m looking better than I ever have. I also feel amazing about not wasting my time on doing things that only affect the outside, I fill my time with doing activities that my body really loves.

What I eat every day:

I don’t eat the same things every day, although I am pretty pedantic about my timing for my meals during the day. I feel that timing really is everything because it decides on my energy levels and because I’m so busy during my days, I can’t afford to have any energy slumps, so stick to timing if you battle with energy and glucose levels.

My Food Diary:

First thing in the AM - 1 probiotic with a full glass of water and
4 tbsp aloe vera juice OR apple cider vinegar (a beautiful kick
of probiotics!)

Breakfast - Anything from my homemade granola to warm creamy vegan
oats or boiled eggs with rye. Sometimes I give my body a sexy 
smoothie or an entire bowl of fresh fruit. It all depends on what 
my taste buds want when I wake up. Breakfast should always be packed 
with slow releasing carbohydrates. Proteins, fates and fruits are 
very secondary, carbs come first for your first meal of the day, 

Mid-morning snack - My body craves fruit at around this time. I always
have what's in season and a full fruit with either a handful of raw 
nuts or a tbsp natural nut butter. Sometimes I'll have nut butter with
a brown organic rice cake. Fructose and carbs are recommended at this
time, to give the body another boost to take you through to the

Lunch - Always a slow releasing carb like quinoa, barley or brown rice
with a load of veggies and then a complete protein like my beans,
legumes, eggs, chickpeas or lentils. Sometimes, if I feel my body 
needs a bit of a break from digesting, I just load up with veggies
and salads so I'm still getting my nutrient intake but nothing that's
too difficult for my gut to process.

Mid-afternoon snack - Sometimes a freshly pressed juice, sometimes 
another rice cake with nut butter or a handful of raw nuts. My 
afternoon snack is always low in sugar / fructose but high in slow
releasing carbs to help stabilise my blood sugar so to avoid that
lovely mid afternoon dip we all love so much.

Dinner - My favourite meal time! This is my time to actively meditate.
I come home to prepare a lovely dinner for myself which usually 
consists of a veggie cook up with added legumes or baked dishes (see
my blog for some yummy dinner recipes). Dinner can be so much fun,
I'm never afraid to experiment with my herbs and spices, I love
explosions of flavour. I usually make enough dinner to keep for lunch
the next day. 

Sweet snacks - If I ever crave sweets, which is usually 90% of the
time, I always make healthy alternatives in the form of bedtime teas,
rich and decadent cacao drinks or yummy energy globes (see my blog),
or sometimes old-fashioned dark (like 80% dark) chocolate does the 
trick too.


How I bounce back after a cheeky cheat:

If I decide to indulge in something like a traditional napolitana, a creamy paneer tikka masala curry (literally my fav!), a bottle of wine with my girls or some chuckles, my number one rule is to never guilt trip myself. I also don’t over think it before I’m about to enjoy my splurge. I used to battled with the addictive cycle of binge eating and along with that came the abusive mental cycle of guilt tripping myself and then being in the gym the next day for hours at a time trying to work off what I had the day before. This only sets us up for failure, and I mean big time! I’ve re-programmed my brain to think this way:

”I accept that I’m about to really enjoy this meal because I do deserve this, I choose healthier options, I eat smaller portions, I believe in the balance between healthy foods and a cheeky treat, I give this food all my presence and consciousness while indulging so to create positive energy that’s about to go into my body.”

And then after my treat, I bounce back almost immediately, giving my body loads of water, lemons to alkalise my system and I feed myself with fruits and veggies. I believe in staying in alignment

because there’s no such thing as falling ‘off track’

Thinking this way, is another way to set you up for failure. There’s no on track, off track, on season, off-season. There’s alignment.

What is means to BE in alignment:

I just keep going with my flow, consciously. Which means I’m always very aware of what I put into my body, onto my skin, use in my hair, what I watch, read and choose to think about. I’m always in alignment with my path, so if I choose to have an unhealthy treat middle of my week or go out for some drinks with my girls or choose to stay at home on a friday and cook up the biggest green vegan feast all for myself, then this is me, making positive conscious choices and this is me being in alignment with what I decide on. I will always be happy with my choice made and this is the sort of thinking we should all have toward food and diet. It would bring us a lot more peace and balance, making space for a life of absolute bliss and enjoyment.

Remember it’s always about balance: So try cut out the strict routine, go easy on yourself, be kind to yourself, always forgive yourself, and treat yourself with utmost love and the highest respect. You can never make a bad decision when you consciously focus on these aspects.


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