Summer Body! But wait… what’s stopping you?!

Hello lovelies,

With just 2 more weeks left to sign up for the Back 2 Balance Summer Body Challenge, I have so many things I want to share about the program. There are so many elements to this plan, but if I had to chat about it all, I would go on for a really long time. Instead, today I’d like to focus on the mind, body, soul element. A vital component to healing your body and healing your life. Especially for good.


Your body is directly effected by your thoughts.
Your physical symptoms and physical discomfort are your body’s way of communicating to you that there are some underlying emotional triggers that need to be dealt with. Are you finding ways to deal with these emotions?

I find that a lot of us are hindering our own success because our minds love playing games with us. I say: Don’t believe everything your mind feeds you. Besides from the mind games, we have emotional layers that tend to rear their ugly heads when we try to stick to a program that’s aimed at helping us get to where we dream of being. What happens then? We fall off track don’t we? Because that’s easier than having to deal with the ugliness inside us.


That’s why I’ve created a program to help deal with this ugliness as much as possible. The 4 week challenge is not only a body challenge but a mind one too. Its going to be just that, challenging! But so so rewarding if you are willing to do the inner work.

Are you ready?
I think you are, gorgeous.
There’s absolutely no time like the present.

SIGN UP HERE and let the magic unfold!



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