Why it’s good to be challenged… and why I created the Summer Body to challenge YOU!

Hello gorgeous people!

It’s literally 2 more weeks until our Summer Body Challenge begins. And I’m sitting feeling so damn excited about it, and at the same time wondering what excites me most about these sorts of challenges.

I think the reason these challenges make me feel so exhilarated is because these are the sorts of journeys that make us grow the most. When you put yourself in an uncomfortable position, like accepting a body challenge, knowing that once you’ve paid for it and signed up, that there really is no going back. So by putting ourselves in these positions, we accept that change needs to happen and that change is about it happen. And this is scary, isn’t it? But it’s so exciting! Because you really can’t grow and evolve and move forward without feeling a little (or maybe a lot) uncomfortable.


I remember the start of my health journey, how many times I doubted myself, how many times I wasn’t able to complete programs or plans because they just didn’t feel right to me. They hurt my body, they almost destroyed my mind and they left me feeling incomplete, sometimes broken. As if I was right back where I began, sometimes feeling like I had actually taken steps back. But now I know and understand that these experiences were all just teaching me. Teaching me about what I shouldn’t do to my body and to my client’s bodies when I was eventually qualified enough to create and design these sorts of things.

I’m so confident in the program I’ve designed for all of you. Its nothing like anything I’ve seen before, nothing like Ive ever done before. As I progressed along my own health journey, I started living for me. I started changing the way my mind perceived healthy living. I began shifting, on an energetic level. So much so that I look back at the things I fell for and can’t believe the ignorance I had. As things started shifting for me, I realised that the life I’m living is my true life. I don’t always live a life of absolute balance, sometimes I mess up, but my biggest thing is forgiveness. I no longer speak badly to myself, I’m always working on my inner self-talk. Im always striving for balance on the inside. Meaning that what I put in my body, I always strive to make it the very best. But the way I feel about what I put in my body is what’s most important. That inner feeling. Because that’s the sort of energy that manifests into all sorts of things, whether physical or emotional. And then I realised that these are really important parts of the health journey that are quite often overlooked, and I wanted to create a tool to share them with you.

I see so many young people self-loathing, not able to let go of the things and people who no longer serve them. I see people speaking so badly to themselves, even the little comments, and they wonder why they are constantly feeling ill or always dealing with inner turmoil. You are literally feeding yourself with poison. The mind is the most powerful thing in the entire universe.

It’s the one thing that connects us all. It is consciousness.

How you truly feel, that’s what will truly manifest into your reality.

Doing a Body Challenge like the one I have created for you, will help you break through all these mental and emotional barriers, if you’ll allow it of course. But by breaking through (and this is always the hardest part) you will be letting go of what’s stopping you from living for yourself, from helping you attain to your gaols (whether body or health, career or relationships) and to help you balance your inner energy so that everything else may magically fall into place.


And I really believe that everyone knows exactly what is and what isn’t good for their bodies. I just believe that sometimes, we need a little help in figuring out how to get better at the good. We need help with the ”how”. I’m not one to tell you what the problem is, you know what the problem is. Im here to guide you into your own way of healing that problem.

Because when you live for yourself, and when you give back to yourself in a good, pure and holistic way, you give off a wonderful energy, and the universe loves a feeling of pure love and gratitude. Because that is our true nature.

So, are you in?

To bring balance in the world, you must first struggle to obtain balance within.





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