5 Reasons why YOU should be joining the BODY FREEDOM PROGRAM!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that this challenge has taken me over a year to design. And the main reason is because I needed to complete my Reiki element, which is a key part in learning about the emotional and mental sides of how to heal the body and essentially how to heal all other areas of your life.



I’m a very firm believer that when it comes to living a healthy life, that it’s not just about the food you eat or the amounts of times you train in a week. It’s a completely holistic outlook. Your body carries so much of the emotional and mental trauma that you just aren’t always willing to deal with. If you find you get sick often, have headaches, always stiff / sore joints, often feeling sluggish / low on energy, and the most common thing I see on this journey, is lack of motivation and very often bouts of depression and anxiety.

I’m here to tell you that this is all ok! Its more than ok! This happens to each and every one of us, almost on the daily, but I really do believe I have the solution for you. You can’t possibly be looking at all elements of your life, meaning the full mind, body, soul element if you are feeling most of these things so often.

What’s normal is to live a life of fun and excitement, having endless amounts of energy in both the body and the mind, having peace and clarity of the mind, a healed gut, healthily functioning organs, being in touch with your soul and what it’s trying to communicate to you on a daily basis, self-love, self acceptance.


I had someone tell me the other day that they know everything about what to do to their body to fix it and lose weight and heal. And when I thought about it, I realised that most of us do. The problem is that we don’t know how to implement, we don’t know how to initiate or even where to start. We often fall off track after just a few weeks or sadly even a few days.

And this is because I see so many people seeing healthy living as a sacrifice. I can promise you right now, that my days of sacrificing are way over. I used to sacrifice my social life, my family life, my solitude. All for spending hours in the gym and restricting my diet with foods that literally did nothing to heal my body. I almost destroyed my mind at one point. Until I found meditation and really started engaging in what my mind-games were and how my thoughts and ideas effected my every day life, because they do. The mind is incredibly, in fact, ridiculously powerful!

My life changed when I accepted myself, when I started my solitude practice, when I started nourishing my body with all that nature has to offer and when I realised that balance is absolute key in terms of being social, having fun and still mainainting health.


This program has taken me over a year to design because it is everything I have learnt in the space of my 7 year health journey. Its everything balance, everything nature, everything effective, safe and real.

Here are the 5 main elements to the program:

1. You will be connecting deeply to your body. Discover how in this program. Learn what to do when your body begins speaking to you and how it truly effects your health goals.

2. You will learn about how to deal with falling off track, because this is going to happen and this is ok. We learn to deal with guilt and how to get back on track as soon as possible, without it effecting your body and mind in a negative, downward spiral.

3. You will be learning how to accept yourself, how to forgive yourself for the way you have treated yourself in the past and how to initiate deep levels ofΒ self-love.

4. Holistic connection, we will be digging deep. What’s been stopping you from reaching your body and health goals? And why. Its time to take full control over your life.

5. Last but not least, of course you’ll be getting a full 4-week nutrition plan on the correct nutrition tailored just for you that you can use for a lifetime.

IMG-0227SIGN UP right here!!!

Only a few days left…


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