Is your gut the problem? What are the triggers? And how would you know?!

Want to know what it feels like to eat a delicious meal, walk away from that meal, and for a change not feel bloated, sore and uncomfortable? Do you want to know what it feels like to have an immediate increase in energy after food and not feel like you need to go take a nap and try to digest? Even if you’ve had a healthy meal?

If this is you, your gut is most probably inflamed and a little damaged. It’s easy to damage our bodies. What with the amounts of preservatives, added sugars, sweeteners, refined carbohydrates and gluten in almost everything! And this means that even after eating what seems to be a healthy meal, your gut will still react badly. It will immediately feel full, bloated (especially in the lower abdomen area), uncomfortable and sometimes really painful for hours after eating. This then leads us to skip meals because we assume we are still full or because our stomachs are still hurting too much, causing us to lose our appetite. This is a vicious cycle, a horrible routine that our bodies are in and we need to try get to the trigger in order to fully heal.

Triggers usually being living a stressful lifestyle, always making excuses that you don’t have time to cook and prepare food and make time for your body. If you’re the type of person that keeps complaining about your health, your energy levels, your sore stomach, are you really being honest with yourself? Are you really making time for yourself? Because it does take time, it does take preparation and nobody else can do it for you.

Other triggers being eating a diet that includes gluten (which is in almost everything such as sauces, chips, chocolate, pastas, breads including rye, and even some oats…), refined sugars and carbohydrates, saturated fats, preservatives (which are in canned coconut milks and canned tomatoes), sweeteners (which contain aspartame and other cancer-causing chemicals as well as fat-causing molecules). Sounds like its pretty much everything you eat, right?

Dont be despondent yet! I promise you it gets easier. The most overwhelming part is finding out that almost everything we consume contains all the bad stuff. But there are alternatives, there are always ways around it. Ways that won’t break your bank account and ways that won’t cause you too much inconvenience.

And for me, as a practitioner, I find peace in knowing that it’s not the fats, the carbs and the proteins we need to be worrying about. Because its not those nutrients in products that are hindering my clients growth on their health journey, it’s the stuff that’s hidden in the ingredients labels and the allergens sections. Those are the things causing the most damage in the body, those are the things stopping people from truly being healthy, energised and getting to their weight goals, whatever that may be for each individual.

Healing your gut is the very first step to getting to your body goals.

And in the first 7 days of the Summer Body Challenge, we go strictly vegan (deliciously vegan!) to do just that. Heal the gut, restore nutrients that are lacking, find a happy medium so that you can get to your sexy summer goals.

Sound good?


Its time to heal your body and life… for good! No more fads, no more quick fixes.



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