Why I became a Vegetarian

Why I became a vegetarian.
Im not vegan, I support the vegan lifestyle. The clothing, the facial products, makeup products, hair products. There’s a lot more to being vegan than just the food.
My story began 5 years ago, clinically diagnosed with adrenal failure, depression, IBS, anxiety and spiritually not there at all. My mind being loud and busy, my body being really sick. I took a turn for the worst when I was competing as a bikini competitor in all the major competitions. I looked good, felt like the walking dead. I was consuming probably 3 servings of red meat per day, chicken, fish, around 8 eggs daily, no fruit, no real vegetables except for broccoli and asparagus. I was a frequent dieter, I would be the first to jump into any new fad diet, hoping for major change. The problem was that my body was never bad, I was never overweight, but I had an obsession for perfection. I tried it all!
But after my diagnosis, and after waking up every single day with lethargy and symptoms of a sickly person, I decided it was time to make a change. Studying nutrition is the one thing that set me on the right path toward my health. It wasn’t enough going to a homeopath and getting natural remedies to sort myself out. I had a deep desire to truly understand my body, what it needed, why it needed these things, why it was doing the things it did, why I was hurting so much on the inside, where did all of this come from? One of the things I needed to do to heal all my illnesses (especially the IBS) was to go vegetarian. And when I started on this journey, there wasn’t one single recipe book on how to live a healthy veggie lifestyle. This is why I started my blog. I felt lost, I felt limited, so I started creating.
I then went into anatomy, physiology and pathology and fell so deeply in love with the body and what it was designed to do. By this time I was fully vegetarian and had already found yoga and meditation. By this time I had been to Goa on a yoga retreat and my life was starting to change majorly. I did try eat meat on a few occasions because my body craved it so much, but at this stage in my journey, I could feel the traumatic and dead energy of the animal within my own being. Because I craved meat so much, I wanted to understand where these deficiencies were coming from, and this led me to study Nutritional Therapy. This is the study of mineral, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the body. The study of how to restore these in order to bring balance back to the body so we can function as optimal human beings. Its not just nutrition, its the complete science of nutrition and how it effects the body on a cellular level.
After my studies, I decided to go vegan for a while, which failed majorly! I took a hard hit to this, I had tried so hard to be the best I could, I wanted to do right for the planet, the animals who suffer so much, my own body. I thought going in stages was good, for once I hadn’t been extreme like in the past. But going vegan was a little deeper for me. I had my own lessons to learn here, my constant state of perfection being one of them. Learning to let this go, learning to accept myself as I am. I eventually learnt that going vegan had caused such a major deficiency in my body due to my blood type. It wasn’t that it wasn’t for me, it was that I was designed to eat certain foods to stop me from getting sick again. It took 4 days for me to get sick, only 4! So I went back to being vegetarian and decided to make conscious changes elsewhere. If it wasn’t my diet, it was my lifestyle. The clothes I buy, the cosmetics I support, the communities I follow.
Im sharing my story with you, because everyones story is just so different! And I want you to know that its more than ok to have a story that sometimes doesn’t always work out the way you wanted it to. Maybe your purpose lies in a different source, like really getting off your butt and volunteering to help the planet and animals or maybe its making the first move for your health and consuming more plants. Ive seen it over and over again as a health practitioner, that just by adding more fruits and more veggies into your daily diet, becoming a more natural-eater, being more plant-based, how it effects one’s health on so many levels. You dont have to go fully vegan or even fully vegetarian, I think its important to know what your body can and can’t consume and then make sure its in alignment with your intentions and your purpose.
We are not just here to teach you about vegan choices, we would like to offer you the opportunity to learn about how to become a natural-eater, in your own way. How to do good for your body, the planet, the animals who need our help, and spread the consciousness throughout the rest of the community ❀
With love,

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