Why an external colonic cleanse will take your body + health to a whole new level!

A stunning, highly effective body cleanse using abdominal massage techniques and detox products: External Colonic Cleansing

Why we use massage techniques in this cleanse:

A non-invasive method used to help extract toxic waste from the digestive and lymph systems, this cleanse is a treatment I highly recommend to anyone trying to lose weight, anyone who has digestive or stomach issues and anyone who is really serious about achieving their health goals.

Massaging the stomach area induces the following:

  • advanced detoxification of the body
  • improvement of natural detoxification process thereafter
  • improved postural health
  • relief from IBS / nervous stomach / bloating
  • relief from trapped matter and gas
  • relief from fluid retention
  • improved digestive health (increased digestion and metabolism, better elimination)
  • improved breathing, which helps for relaxation
  • all of the above improvements lead to weight loss and a healthier feeling and looking body


Detox and re-balancing mud:

Zeolite is used in this cleanse, which is a powerful detox element, containing the following properties:

  • zeolite is negatively charged, which draws out positively charged toxins, acting as a ”magnet” for these heavy metals and toxic substances
  • normalises lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism
  • prevents narrowing of blood vessels
  • prevents anaemia
  • promotes removal of free radicals out of the body
  • maintains healthy cell membranes, reducing chances of malignant tumour formations
  • stimulates reproductive function
  • optimises functioning of endocrine system
  • acts as a sponge for toxins
  • promotes detoxification processes in liver, reducing its toxicity
  • improves immunity and resistance of the body to stress
  • promotes increase of are of biochemical reactions in the bowel, which improves intake of nutrients
  • promotes regularity of bowel movements
  • deals with the removal of organic and non-organic toxins, various infections and parasites
  • alkalises the body, reducing levels of acidity
  • re-mineralise the body
  • balances digestion and elimination

If you are serious about your body and health goals and you would like to see major improvements and changes, it is highly suggested to book a package deal of 4 – 5 sessions, 7 – 10 days apart. 



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