My Story

what I do, this platform, my brand…


I’m Suskia Strafella, and I’m a certified Nutritional Therapist. I designed this brand as an online business to connect to people from all around the world. My business is 100% online: All consulting, guidance and assessing are done via email and the internet, making it easier to reach you from wherever you are and at any time, convenience at its best.

I’m currently specialising in energy medicine and spiritual healing as I believe that when it comes to healthy living and healing the body, we need to take a full-rounded holistic approach, it’s not only about the foods we eat and our external appearances. We need to start looking at all areas of our lives and restore balance to all aspects.

I, myself, am a vegetarian, this is my lifestyle choice, but I design nutrition and lifestyle programmes for all types of people. I think we can all agree that no two people are the same and so I design programmes that are unique to each individual.

how my brand began:

For years, I had many run ins with my own health. For me it was all about how I looked and so I put how I truly felt on the back-burner. I was never aware of my thoughts and especially my feelings. My body held on for a while until things turned ugly and my body spoke to me in the only language it knows how: through physical symptoms. Through pretty severe symptoms, I must admit, I finally stopped to look at myself, truly observe and listen. I had a terrible relationship with food and had absolutely no relationship with myself, there was no real love there.

Healing my body the all-natural way was easy. The hard part was healing my mind, the way my thoughts attacked me every time I tried to turn toward something that was good for my mind and my body. The hard part is always finding that connection between mind, body and soul. Through this painful awareness and eventual awakening, I came to accept my situation and myself, which in turn led me to the finding of my path as a nutritionist and spiritual healer.

This blog started as my own personal ‘recipe book’. When I decided to become a vegetarian (and this happened because I fell so ill with adrenal failure… was time to make a major change), I had no idea where to even begin in the kitchen, meat used to be my life! Strangely enough, there were no healthy vegetarian recipes books to be found and so I put my knowledge of nutrition and my love for food (because Im an absolute foodie!) into a blog and started creating for myself. I then decided to launch my recipes along with my eating programmes for my clients and because of the amazing support and feedback I received, I then turned my website into a platform to help inspire others and share how easy, and delicious, it is to live healthily.

I’m hoping to change your perspective on healthy living and healthy eating, I don’t believe health should be restrictive or boring. I design all my own healthy recipes, drawing inspiration from the countries I travel to and other health bloggers I follow. I post some of them on this site, and the rest go to my client programmes.

I’m also an avid globetrotter and have been traveling the world since I finished school, I find that traveling is the one thing that can open our minds and hearts and that’s also another reason why I designed this brand to be an online system; I need to be able to reach my clients from wherever I am in the world.

I will always be able to serve you no matter where I am, this is my promise to you.

my philosophy… am I right for you?

I have an insatiable passion for serving people and helping others find their purpose, (the right way, whichever that may be for you). I believe I was born into this digital era where social media is at its strongest to promote positivity and knowledge through these social platforms.

Whether you need good advice on how to handle a challenging day, delicious + super healthy recipes, a new eating plan designed just for you, a detox plan to help you re-connect to your body, a travel eating plan or spiritual healing and guidance – Then this is the perfect hub for you!

When it comes to investing in your health and the time comes to make that decision on who to go to and which brand you want to be associated with, please listen to your heart. You can never go wrong with what truly resonates with you and only you know what’s right for you, in this exact moment.

I wish to create the best space for life-changing experiences and to spread love and knowledge through this cyber bond that we now share.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of love, gorgeous…


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