The Body Freedom Program 2018


I have a super exciting and highly successful Body Challenge that I really believe you should be a part of, and its time for you to either sign up or miss out!
To explain it simply, this is a 4-week body and lifestyle challenge with a set start date and everyone who has signed up starts together to form a community to help one another stay focused, motivated and encouraged.


Unfortunately, over the last few years I’ve seen how many people are excited to start a new program but then soon lose motivation because they’ve had one slip up or seem to have fallen off track. The intention of this program is to remind you that this is okay. It’s to help you through your mind games and show you what it takes to stay focused and then what to do when you feel like everything’s crashing down around you. Because this is life, this is what happens, and too often, we don’t have anyone helping or guiding us, or unfortunately being able to understand just what we are going through. That’s why… I’m creating a proper community, where we can help each other grow, let go and succeed, together. Where there’s nothing but guidance, support and love.
Too often, we are afraid of going for the things we love because we are afraid we will fail and we fear we dont deserve these things. I believe in a life of abundance, constant joy and unconditional love. And none of these things can really manifest into our daily lives until we start with ourselves.


The program will be mainly focused on correct nutrition and eating for your body. The difference between my program and most others out there is that it contains very important sections teaching you about your body, vital information that you really should know about your body: The processes it needs to go through on a daily basis in order to reach homeostasis (balance), such as digestion, hormone functioning, alkalinity vs acidity, cellular growth + repair and eating for your gene expression (how to eat to change your genes to better your health, and why this is a major health concern that’s barely even recognised in the health industry). Don’t be overwhelmed yet, everything is explained simplistically and correctly in the program.
The program is also designed to give you as much information as possible about your body because by understanding what it does and why it does these things, we can begin to accept our bodies, heal them and then restore their balance by eating and living for them, correctly and effectively.


I’ve divided the program into TWO sections.
The first 7 days will be a complete holistic cleanse eating plan, where you are learning to connect to your body, eat for your unique type, getting into the flow of what you would like this program to do for you, getting in touch with what’s stopping you from achieving greatness and accepting this so that you can let it go and move forward. It has a complete nutrition eating plan for 7 days with all recipes included.
You will be learning about what it takes to fully relax, trusting and accepting that your body knows how to heal itself and preparing to restore itself in the process.
The intention of this first phase is to speed up the body’s natural state of detoxification, clear your body and mind of all toxic waste so to set you up for the next 3 weeks of restoration, healing and change.
Weeks 2 – 4 are all about movement, finding what works for you so you can continue with that after the 4 weeks are up (IMPORTANT!), we will be going into lifestyle rituals (the special tricks I’ve learnt over the years through Ayurvedic and energy medicine of how to heal the body and restore nutrients and minerals, how to live holistically, in peace and how to constantly be present), we will be going very deeply into self-love (what it takes to love yourself, where to start and how to carry it through), I’ll be sending you weekly videos, posts and personal emails on rituals such as meditation and how to start your practice if you haven’t already, and for those of you who have, how to take your meditation to the next level, morning yoga rituals, why cutting out certain foods such as gluten, processed sugars and lactose are vital (and how to do it), how to eat for your unique body, how to get over guilt and how to heal your relationship with food and with yourself, and so much more.
The 2 – 4 week eating plan is a divine guide where you will receive amazing varieties into your daily diet, proving that health is fun and limitless (all delicious recipes designed by myself are also included in this section). I’ll be touching on the health benefits of eating things like superfoods and eating for your blood type.

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I’ll be sending weekly videos or blog posts right to my members email accounts with weekly motivation, weekly progression (and explaining why progress is so different for every one of us), I’ll be going into affirmations and why these are so powerful, talking about falling off track and how to guide some of you back on track the most effective way possible (because this is going to happen, it happens to all of us, there’s no such thing as a perfect diet and there’s no such thing as following a plan 100%). We must learn to consciously go with the natural flow of life and not add too much pressure to something that’s meant to be exciting and fun. 
We will be starting a community where any questions one person has, all members will receive the answer, as most of the time we all have the same question.
All you have to do is sign up as soon as possible as I’m only taking 25 members at a time with my challenges so I can focus on each and every one of you. Once we begin the journey together, all you have to do is enjoy the ride while I do the rest. You follow the program, and we deal with everything that comes up during the course of this plan.


An important note I need to make is that this is a 4-week Back to Balance program, which means that after 4 weeks, you should have completely restored balance within the body and within your life. This also means that you continue with eating and living for your body, it doesn’t just stop, this is a lifestyle, a very nourishing and beneficial lifestyle and you’re going to want to continue with it. You’ll have the tools to be able to trust yourself with the decisions you make, after 4 weeks, you should be a whole new person, with a new outlook and a whole lot of knowledge on health and your body.
Another important point to please note is that this program is mainly plant-based. Once you sign up, you will receive a timeline on the next few weeks and what you can expect. One of the assessment questions includes your bloodtype. This would be good to know as some of you would need to eat animal proteins according to your blood work. I’ll be able to adjust your diet to having animal proteins according to what your type is. Although I strongly believe that having a plant-based diet is the best for the body when it comes to cleansing and connecting, I also understand that its one of the hardest things to cut out and change so suddenly. I will make the necessary adjustments for those who need it only if I feel your body is designed that way. If on the other hand, you’ve been dying to try out a plant-based diet and have no idea where to start, then this is the perfect transition point for you.
Even though this is a program that we will be starting altogether, each of the participants will still have to go through my BodyMind Assessment so that personal changes can be made to both parts of the program.
I still stand by my number one rule, that everybody is so uniquely designed, a one-size fits all generic program doesn’t exist in my practice. So at the end of it, each of your programs will differ to the next person.
This is NOT a generic program that everyone will be following.


The program is R650 p/person for 4 weeks (R162.50 p/week!!!)

Open to sign ups from:
  • August – September group: COMPLETED
  • October group: COMPLETED
  • November group: COMPLETED
  • February 2018 group – NOW OPEN for SIGN UPS!

The week before start date, you will receive the first section to the program.
You will receive reminders and updates on all of the processes to be followed.

TO SIGN UP, email me directly at

I will then add you to my Body Freedom Program data base and keep you posted of all processes.


This program is online, which means that wherever you are in South Africa or around the world, you can take part in it.