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Why I went into the most powerful form of energy medicine –


After I began my Nutrition business and started treating clients I began to see how often my clients would fall off track, even though they were so excited to start something new. Within a few weeks, I felt like they were back at square one. No amount of guidance and support would help, this broke my heart. All I wanted was for my clients to succeed. So this got me thinking: ”What is the real reason people can’t stick to a quality nutrition program? Why are people always in a constant state of failure and lack of motivation?”

I so badly wanted to help my nutrition clients succeed, and this is where it all began for me.

This brought me back to my own journey. When I started on my own health path, I was always ready to start something new but within weeks I was failing. A constant cycle of self-sabotage. Why? When I began meditating and when I found yoga and after all my travels to all these beautiful, spiritual places around the world, after meeting all the right people that helped me on my journey toward finding myself, I then found energy medicine. I fell in love with not only how the physical body functions, but I found that the physical body works in total and complete alignment with our outer bodies. Our energy bodies. Through working with my own outer bodies, my own self healing and digging deep into my own trauma and mental / emotional layers, I found my triggers for all my self-sabotage. I found some pretty deep stuff that I thought I had dealt with, stuff that was still coming up and effecting my way of life. It was time to deal. My next step was Reiki. I found Reiki after traveling to Bali, something was calling me to dig deep and go further into the study of energy medicine and all the bodies we vibrate on. I then named my business: Body by Suskia. As Im not only working with the physical, but now the mental, emotional and spiritual layers of a Being.

Through my studies, I found the answers to all my questions, the reason people feel like they need to fall off track is because of years and years of conditioning from family, society, religion, social media, relationships, fear, past pain and past traumas. They have these set ideas, which need to be broken. These are usually the triggers that cause people to self-sabotage. These are also the triggers that they are totally and completely unaware of. The parts of a human that are so deeply engrained in their psyche, hidden and locked away by the conditioned ego, and that only surface when self-hate, doubt, guilt and bad habits start to play up. Making it a constant cycle of pain and failure.

This is why I studied Reiki. One of the only energy medicine modalities that was powerful enough to help me break through my own unhealthy habits of self-hate, compulsive binge eating, uncovering my emotional and mental triggers, helping me dig deeper than deep, helping me get to the core of my problems in order for me to finally accept them and let them go. Reiki has helped me with my anxiety, helped me cope with my daily life without my harsh conditionings, living my best life in my best body and free from stress, its helped me learn how to cope with daily stressors. The Reiki power and energy has helped detox not only my mind but my body too, allowing me to focus on putting only good fuel into my body, my physical body literally purges anything that is no longer good for me. I used to be the avid wine drinker, I used to love eating bars of chocolate at a time. Now, when I drink even a single glass of wine, it makes me feel physically ill, giving me a mental lethargy. Now, when I eat chocolate, not only do I make my own but I consume in moderation instead of overdoing it.


I went into Reiki Healing because I want to help people find their life’s purpose. I want to help people live their best lives in their most beautiful bodies.

Reiki is powerful. The best way I can describe it is that its the vibration of pure love, coming directly from the Divine Source. Its a hands on healing technique that uses this vibration (of love) to heal the person. It can be used for anything from physical pain, dis-ease, illness to emotional pain, mental addiction to things that a person knows they are feeling but cannot quite explain. Its a beautiful healing modality that can be used in conjunction to other medical procedures or may be used on its own.

Who is Reiki for?
If you feel like any of these apply to you, I would suggest a Reiki session:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Nervousness
  • Sexual problems
  • Drug abuse
  • Phobias
  • Shyness
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Trying to quit smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Panic attacks 
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Inability to relax
  • Memory loss
  • Anger / rage
  • Weight control / weight obsession
  • Eating disorders
  • Financial problems
  • Sports performance
  • Self confidence 
  • Inability to conceive 
  • Emotional problems
  • Work related problems / stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Disease 
  • Pain control
  • Surgical anxiety 
  • Out of sorts, out of alignment with yourself and the universe
  • Don’t know your life’s purpose
  • Ungrounded
  • Constantly in a state of stress
  • In a state of self-sabotage
  • In a state of self-hate, self-guilt
  • Battle to forgive yourself and others
  • Feeling an emotional trauma or pain
  • Want to unlock emotional trauma to help you move forward
  • Noisy and busy mind, never in a state of calm and presence
  • Broken heart
  • Cant seem to break old and hurtful habits
  • There are many more, if theres something you’ve been feeling and you can’t explain why or cannot seem to find the answers, let Reiki help you

Options are tailored to YOUR body, mind needs:

  • A reiki session (60 minutes)
    R550 – Should appointments go over the allotted time, extra will be charged at a pro rata rate of R50 per 30 minutes – R150 off every 5th treatment!
  • A nutrition consultation (60 minutes) –
    R650 for first sessions with nutrition plan and all assessments included
    R450 for re-assessments and progress tracking sessions
  • Both a reiki session and nutrition consultation (90 – 120 minutes) –
    R1200 with nutrition plan and all assessments included as well as a 60 minute reiki session after the consultation
  • Chakra Balancing + Removal of Negative Energy in Emotional / Mental / Physical fields (90 minutes) – R700


I work only on a bookings basis, please email me to book your slot


Hope to see you in my healing zone soon!

With love, Suskia