External Colonic Cleansing

What is an External Colonic Cleanse?

An intensive abdominal massage which aids in full body health and weight loss. One of the biggest issues with inability to lose weight, excess cellulite, imbalanced hormones, nutrient deficiencies and other serious health concerns is that the colon is imbalanced and contains an excess amount of toxic waste. Meaning our bodies simply aren’t able to do the job they were designed to do: Keep us energised, fit, healthy and strong.

These issues present other harsh symptoms such as migraines, headaches, depression, eczema, acne, cellulite, anxiety and auto-immune deficiencies.

What this treatment does is it manually drains the abdominal lymphatic system, as well as the colon, through advanced techniques of massage. Hot stones are also used for rapid detoxification while making sure there is proper circulation of the colon.

This treatment is extremely effective in treating the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Prevent future weight gain
  • Slow metabolism
  • Fluid retention
  • Correct PH and metabolic balance
  • Treat pain in stomach / bloating
  • Reduce centimetres around stomach line
  • Relieve IBS / skin conditions / constipation
  • PMS / PMT
  • Candida / yeast build up
  • Flatulence
  • Unexplained stomach pain
  • Heart burn / indigestion
  • Back pain / swollen ankles

What to expect during the treatment:

  • An advanced abdominal massage
  • Balancing and detox mud wrap over the abdomen area
  • Heated stones over the mud wrap
  • Light reflexology massage to activate the colon’s detoxification process (by focusing on the meridians)

Expect to feel relaxed and pleasant, this is not an invasive cleanse. I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible during our session.

How the treatment works:

Often our stomach, intestines and colon get lined with all the wrong foods. Foods and toxins get stuck in these very deep parts of our bodies and we cannot go further on our health journey until we allow for the safe and effective removal of these elements.

A lot of the times, this is when our nutrients, minerals and vitamins cannot get properly absorbed into, and used by the body. This is when we feel like we’re doing everything correctly but we just aren’t seeing the expected results soon enough, or even at all. Weight loss can sometimes just feel so tedious. Illness becomes painful. Trying to stay on track becomes demotivating.

This cleanse is something that works for everyone! By manually massaging the colon, we move any of these foods and toxins along the colon and out of the body for good. The balancing and detoxifying mud draws out any heavy metals, toxic fluid, dangerous toxins and inflammation from the stomach itself, and at the same time boosting 84 minerals deep into the digestive system and colon. This goes through the skin (which is our body’s largest organ) and rebalances and alkalises the digestive system for effective weight loss and pain management.

This treatment utilises techniques from shiatsu, advanced massage, manual lymph drainage massage, geothermal therapy, detox mud wrap andΒ reflexology.


If you have the following conditions, I cannot treat you with this cleanse, I can however suggest you book a Jikiden Reiki session with me for any of the below:

Reiki for these Contra-indications

  • Cancer
  • Heart disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes – Types 1, 2, 3
  • DVT
  • Acute inflammation
  • Skin disorders – Open wounds / ulcerations / phlebitis
  • Pregnant
  • Systematic oedema
  • Acute diverticulitis
  • Infectious illnesses – Cold / flu / chest infection
  • 3 months post surgery
  • First few days of menstruation

The above conditions cannot be cleansed due to the extreme detox as it will draw out all minerals, including insulin or chemo.

There are certain preparations that need to be done by the client before the treatment.


  • R550 p/session: 45 – 60 minutes – R150 off every 5th treatment!
  • 4 sessions for highly effective results, especially suggested for overweight, ill and in-pain clients: R450 p/session (R1800 paid upfront for the full package: 45 – 60 minute sessions) – R150 off every 5th treatment!