“I Love My Body” Cleanse

A refreshing and highly effective Cleanse Programme to help you re-connect to your inner self through practicing rituals of self love, restore balance within your body and accomplish body and mind goals; all within a few weeks.

What does this include?

  • Full step by step eating plan: 7 – 14 days
  • All recipes included
  • A list of detox essentials
  • Tips on how to holistically achieve a safe + effective detox
  • Focusing on the mind, body and soul connection

What does it cost?


Cleanse Add Ons:

Now available to purchase at an additional cost but totally worth the investment!

What is this?

With every new eating plan comes new challenges, whether its cravings or batting with the willpower to stick to a program, thats all normal and always expected. Ive designed an Add On to the cleanse, with 10 new divine recipes to add to your healthy recipe collection. This is a guide to help you use the healthiest alternatives when your body craves unhealthy sugary and savory treats. There are always healthier alternatives that will leave your body feeling nourished instead of lethargic and guilty.

These new recipes may be used as alternatives for your next detox, alternatives to unhealthy treats at any time your body needs them, used to extend your detox by a further 14 – 21 days, used as new exciting daily meals for variation.

What does it cost?



What they thought:

@PriyankaPillay: RESULTS

@SamanthaMedhurst: ‘I didn’t feel a huge difference during the cleanse but afterwards I noticed the difference. Ive also carried over some of the recipes to my everyday cooking which is great!’

@NatashaStevens: ‘I’m loving this cleanse!! I feel so good. My mind is clear! My energy levels are great. I’m so positive!! And I’m down 2 kg! Whoop whoop! Thank you
So I really thought about what you said. Realised that I was craving the wrong foods. Once I accepted that, it’s been great. If I do get hungry, I have a water or herbal tea and it subsides long enough till it’s time for my next meal.’

@PaigeCoetsee: ‘Suskia! Thank you for such a beautiful body cleanse!!! I absolutely LOVED it! Your body cleanse was incredible! I struggled with the beetroot juice but over did that long ago! I loved the meditation and it’s such a routine now! Thank you for influencing that! I went through acceptance with the meditation and what a lovely feeling to accept! Will definitely do it again! Thank you again Sus! You’re a GEM’

@MeganBoshoff: ‘The cleanse was absolutely amazing. I never once felt bloated or tired, my tummy felt so flat I could wear a bikini with confidence (Knowing me that’s a huge deal). The meals were all delicious and because of the cleanse I’m actually converting to a plant based diet. I felt a lot more confident and less stressed. I actually started loving myself more.
Thank you so much’

@MeganMackay: ‘I must just say I am absolutely loving your detox! I started on Monday and I’ve lots 2kgs already, but it just feels like I’m pushing the reset button! I love it! So far so good… and I think I’m wanting to push on for the second week – what do you think?’



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