Jikiden Reiki – Eastern Energy Healing System

What is Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden is the untouched version of reiki healing, the eastern practice, the original techniques practiced by energy healers in Japan and now the rest of the world.

The difference between Jikiden and Western Reiki:

I practice both Western and Jikiden. The option is up to the client as well as myself as the practitioner based on physical, mental are emotional issues that need to be worked on. The difference between the two is mostly seen in how Western has changed a few things to suit western society. Jikiden goes more deeply into healing the physical body. We do this by assessing levels of toxicity in the body and we try to break these levels down using channelling of energy. We also end the therapy with a lymphatic massage, this way we completely detox the body of any heavy toxic waste which is causing disease, illness, weight gain and addiction.

Who is Jikiden Reiki effective for?

If you are battling with ANY of the below physical ailments, Jikiden is for you:

  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Fevers
  • Diseases of the Nervous System
  • Diseases of the Digestive System
  • Diseases of the Respiratory System
  • Diseases of the Circulatory System
  • Diseases of the Urinary System
  • Metabolic / Blood Diseases
  • Surgical / Dermatological Diseases
  • Diseases of the Reproductive System
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Paediatric Diseases
  • Any form of cancer
  • Joint pain
  • Sun burn
  • Unexplained pain in any part of the body

Why do people get sick?

With my knowledge and experience, there is always a deeply rooted emotional trauma that triggers an illness or a disease, this includes weight gain and inability to lose fat. Pain is stored in fat and pain is stored in the body, the body speaks to us through our physical symptoms and although sickness is emotionally draining and traumatic, physical symptoms to me, are positive signs. This means our body is responding, speaking and is, in fact, open to healing.

The body has its own ability to heal itself, Reiki activates this healing and allows the process to begin through very intensified detoxification, toxicity break down and lymph drainage.

Why can’t the body detox naturally?

Sometimes, we get so ill because our bodies just aren’t able to do the natural process of detoxification as it should. This happens when:

  • Not enough movement
  • Not enough correct nutrition / clean food (without toxic waste such as gluten, processed sugars and poisonous preservatives)
  • No clean air
  • Lack of a positive mind set
  • Pesticides in foods
  • Bad water
  • Lymph system unable to remove toxins as it naturally should
  • Trauma occurs / accidents / bad life experiences
  • Too many western medicines such as antibiotics
  • Too many false vitamins / minerals in the form of tablets

Jikiden will help your body activate its own natural process of detoxification through energy healing techniques. 

How does a Jikiden Reiki session work?

In order to try heal serious illnesses, the client would need to come for regular sessions. This will be determined after the first session. Packages will be designed to suit each individual’s needs, times and budget.

  • 60 minute session – R550 (Packages will be offered here to more frequent clients. Clients who need to be brought in weekly)
  • R150 off every 5th treatment!


  • The session will be a hands-on healing, holding positions for a lot longer than in Western Reiki practices
  • In ending, a lymph drainage massage will be done

None of these techniques are painful or invasive and they are done with clothes on at all times.