That is AMAZING! I am SO happy to hear my body has reacted so well to this eating plan. When I was comparing my first assessment to my last one, I was also SO shocked at how much I have improved in my health and also my mood. I can’t believe it has already been a month!
I measured my waist circumference and I lost 5 cms. Everywhere else is still the same, but like I said, I only measured my cm’s a week and a half into the challenge, so I will only check the differences in another week’s time.
Now that I am back on a healthy road, I am exploring a lot more to do with my emotional binge eating triggers and how to heal the psychological side of my unhealthy relationship with food. I am not quite there yet to be 100% confident in my food choices.
The self love and self acceptance is coming along. I am also going to be working on that at home with more meditation, artwork, yoga etc.
You have been more than a saving grace for me! Thank you so so so much.
I will forever be grateful!
– Ang

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, I am happy with the results, hoping I can keep up with the clean eating.
I just keep reminding myself how good I feel about what I’m putting in my body, and the good results I’ve had.
– Robyn

Hi Suskia

I am so happy I found you and this program as you are right it is exactly what I need right now.  I will definitely try all the techniques you  you have given me regarding affirmation, I will try anything that will help me heal. You are also very right it is time to forgive myself as I constantly in my mind beat myself up and that  does the opposite of healing.

You have given me such food for thought and a whole new way to look at myself and my situation, thank you!

With all the above in mind I would like to know if it is at all possible so redo my detox,  I have not been totally honest with myself or disciplined this past week. I am so used to failure that I often set myself up for it and then happily beat myself up afterwards as that is what I know.  I thought I should ask as it feels like a small step in forgiving myself and being able to carry on with the program with no guilt or negative feelings for failing the detox.

I really feel so blessed that we have crossed paths.

Thank you, Suskia

– Elaine

What I really do want to just say is a huge Thank You!!!

This whole experience has been emotionally and physically up, down, sideways but also completely incredible for me to say the least.

I really feel like I am finding myself again, my body is actually communicating with me. I crave only healthy and natural delicious food (Yes, of course I have moments, but they are happening less and less), and you have given me the knowledge and tools to be more creative and actually enjoy the food that I make myself!!

You have truly changed my life in more ways than one and for that I will be forever grateful! I have come leaps and bounds in such a small amount of time – it’s actually unreal to me. You really do have a very special gift Susk and I really do believe that our paths crossed for a reason!

I am really looking forward to my continuing of Reiki with you and working on my inner self and if there are any other tips you can give me on continuing this food journey, they are always welcome of course 😉

So once again, thank you thank you and thank you!

– Jaclyn

Enjoying the next phase better than the first week. Your recipes are fantastic, so we having fun in the kitchen.  All good otherwise.  I can see and feel I’m not so bloated anymore which makes a difference.

– Jeff

I’m loving it. I do feel it’s helping me as I feel healthier and looking forward to seeing how this way of eating will impact my gym goals. I’m already noticing my tummy looks flatter and I’m willing myself to keep going – to make this a lifestyle so that I really see and feel all the benefits of this because as I say, I’m already noticing small changes, which I’m sure will become greater over time.

– Natasha

BTW I actually CRAVE your broccoli soup – it so so delicious, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for all the snacks in between!

Absolutely LOVE your work. Thank you so much!

– Lianna

I loved being on your programme and you’ve opened me up to so many more new ideas but the biggest lesson perhaps has been to be kinder to myself and love myself more. I so desperately want to feel better and embrace the kind of living you inspire me to but will be patient and persevere.

– Thirona

Such good news to read that my body responded to your program!
I have said it before, but this is the first program I have done that has for sure changed my life, and I told my husband this afternoon that I won’t be surprised if I’m a vegetarian one day (and this is coming from someone who ate NO veggies 4 years ago, no mushrooms, no salad, no nothing!).
I’m eating veggies or salad with each meal, and it is because of your program making my body feel so great that I WANT to eat that.
I love the way I am feeling, and have been following your Part 2 ever since I stopped, even through the festive season.
I cannot wait to talk to you in person about my journey.
Thank you for your part in helping me take control of my health.